Reno Sketch Ad

This is the sketch ad that I mentioned a couple days ago. We make one of these for every commercial we do. Each spot is 30 seconds and it’s tough to plan 30 seconds that make sense in a script. Click on the image to watch…

The Aces have one of the coolest features in sports. It’s this giant moving baseball head guy that pops up from behind the batter eye in center field. We had to feature it in one of the ads. Check out this YouTube clip to see it in action (I think it comes in around 1:09).

We learned to prepare like crazy the hard way. Our first ad that we made stared Hall-of-Famer Mike Schmidt. And not only was it intimidating to direct a guy who is infamous for his temper, he was very nice by the way, but we were severely underprepared. Hopefully that ad will never be seen again. I know I don’t want to see it ever again.

We are color correcting the first Reno ad now. We’ll post it next week.


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  1. Maybe it’s just my crappy work browser, but when I click the “play” buttopn it takes me to the plan b website and then doesn’t do anything.

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