Second Production Breakdown Pt2

Sam gives us the Scrapes. I love that name. We need to do t-shirts with that across the chest. Great concept, great execution. Captured the spirit of the contest really well. This cap also got a ton of votes. Not much that I would change about this one either. Great job Sam!

Chris gives us the Grind. Also a great name and a solid design. I want this big on the cap. It feels like Sim-City or who’s that one artist that does the posters of the cities in that Sim-City style? E-Boy? It’s iconic, it’s simple, I think it could be a classic.

Tyler gives us the Street Carvers. So fun. Love the hidden skateboard/ knife handle. Love the “S” made out of knives. This thing needs to be done in silver thread only. It would be amazing. This one was picked because of it’s iconic quality. Great work!

NOTE: I need Sam and Tyler’s email. Will you guys hit me up? I have T.J., Stefan, and Chris’. Email us here…

Casey & Jason


3 thoughts on “Second Production Breakdown Pt2

  1. I dont really see a pixel-art similarity. Maybe thats just me though.

    Also, are the TSL and SSL New Eras gonna have the pencil on the right side above the ear?

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