Second Sketch Ad for Reno

Someone asked what we make these in. They’re pretty primitive and simple to make. But it does the trick. First we sketch out all the parts, back ground, foreground. If I need an arm to move then I’ll draw that separately from the body. Then we make our “cells” (I guess that’s what you’d call em) in Photoshop as layers and export them as jpgs. Simple. We’ve done these in Final Cut but it takes too long. iMovie really comes in handy here. The simple Ken Burns effect can bring life to a little thumbnail in no time and all we’re really doing is trimming clips.

Clink the Jpg to go to the file. Did you ever figure out how to see it Jeff?

Hopefully we’ll have the final to preview on Tuesday. We’ve been editing sound and color correcting for the last 2 days. Here’s some screen shots. Andrew did a great job on the shoot. It’s gunna look great!


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