Thank Yous All Around The Town

Wow, what a big day it’s been! A HUGE thanks to everyone who made the Threshers Phase IV launch a success!

Thanks to Luis at Hypebeast Nai at Strictly Fitteds Pete at The Hundreds Francesco at New Era Cap Talk, Andre at Street Giant Steve at Clothing Wire Kirk at For All to Envy and to Chris over Vibe Magazine who called The Clink Room “The Best New Fitted Hat Company.” Awesome!

Most importantly, to The 150 Club and all the Clinkers who picked up the latest Edition…you guys are the best!


3 thoughts on “Thank Yous All Around The Town

  1. Ironically, my friend found your hats featured on and sent me the link to the Clink Room, saying “you might like this…” You could say that. HA!

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