Brand Story Clearwater Threshers Pt 1

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Today we’re starting a behind the scenes look at building the Clearwater Threshers team identity. Normally we do this leading up to an Edition launch – but Casey and I thought we’d switch it up.

Here’s a little background: The Clearwater Threshers are the Class ‘A’ Minor League affiliate of Philadelphia. Their ballpark is also Spring Training home of the Phillies. Up until 2004, the Clearwater club was nicknamed the ‘Clearwater Phillies’ and sported the old school logo you see here. As they geared up to move into a new ballpark, they thought it was time to give Clearwater it’s own hometown identity. We thought so too!

Today we’ll set the stage…

Clearwater is one of those classic Florida towns. It’s part of the Tampa Bay market, but embodies great Florida kitsch! Hulk Hogan doesn’t live far away, its got old folks, trailers, lawn flamingos, a store that sells ONLY christmas stuff…year round. It’s also home to the Original Hooters. Want one of those long T-shirts with the bikini airbrushed on it? Clearwater Beach. There you’ll find the best barefoot bars playing Jimmy Buffett. But we had to learn this firsthand…

Storytelling is so important to developing a great brand. Our job is to take that hometown story, turn up the juice, and pump it into the team identity. To make sure Clearwater’s brand was authentic, we headed to Florida to become honorary Clearwater citizens. Our research started where any San Diego kids would start….the beach!

Tune in tomorrow to learn how we came up with the “Threshers” name…


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