Brand Story Clearwater Threshers Pt 2

Before we arrived in Clearwater, the organization had done some informal surveying of a few ideas: Beach Dogs – which people either loved or hated. The Barracudas and Kingfish which did spark much passion. And the Sand Sharks which scored really high with kids – but it needed some pizzaz.

Choosing the correct name may be the toughest decision facing any new ball club. It is important that the name reflects the characteristics of the area. It also must be simple, unique, marketable, and must fill the fans and organization’s staff with enough imagery to develop a colorful brand story.

During our research on Clearwater Beach, we stopped by the docks and conducted informal interviews of local fishermen. When asked what they we’re pulling out of the gulf, one story stood out: The fishermen spoke of a shark with the longest tail, that first stuns its prey by whipping them, then darting in for the kill. This mysterious “Thresher” shark instantly captured our imaginations!

Here’s the metrics we worked out to justify its marketability…

Next up, selling the Threshers name to the Clearwater staff, the Phillies ownership, and the fans…


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