Introducing The 150 Club

Since the Syracuse Chiefs’ Edition drop, we’ve had Clinkers ask us if they could claim specific tag numbers for every Edition drop. For example, Vin from L.A. wanted to claim tag number 150/150 (He was the first to ask) and Joe from NY claimed tag number 33/150.

We love the idea of you guys owning specific Edition numbers, so Jason and I are proud to introduce “The 150 Club.” Here’s how it’ll work…

• If you have an Edition tag number that you want reserved for you, drop us an email requesting the tag number and your size. We will confirm or decline the request. If it’s confirmed, you’re in the The 150 Club. If it’s declined, it’s because that number’s been taken. You may resubmit your request for a tag number as many times as it takes.

Send your requests here…

Casey & Jason

• When a Edition drops, you will see an option under the size selection menu that says “The 150 Club”. Select that option when buying. We’ll know your name and will have reserved your size and Edition number.

• We will reserve your Edition number (in your name and your size) for one week after the drop.

• This is for collectors, people that want to have every Edition cap that we drop. If you don’t buy your Edition cap in that first week then your cap will get dumped into the regular inventory and you will be removed from the The 150 Club. I understand that that may sound a little ruthless, but this is an exclusive club.

• There will be products, giveaways, sneak peeks, and other perks in the future that will be exclusive to The 150 Club members. Club members and their loyalty will be rewarded.

Get your requests in for the upcoming Edition by this weekend. The next Edition drops on Monday. Sneak peek tomorrow.

Second Production Breakdown Pt1

Got break this into three parts, give everyone their due.

Stefan, the Duke, Dukaczewski gives us the Raging Wheelers. Ok the name is awesome. Every entry that Stefan has submitted has been awesome. I loved Gnar, it was a great design and idea. But the wheelers got a bunch of votes and I think that it’s a great design. I still want to make the face bigger maybe the whole wheel bigger. Maybe mess with the colorways. I want it to be more candy-coated too. That might mean simplifying it. We think it has a real iconic quality, and that’s hard to do.

T.J. Monteiro gives us A.C.I.D. I love this colorway. And this entry received a ton of votes. It’s a great “A” that he came up with. There is some simplifying that needs to happen. And I like the idea of the slick of Acid being more streaky. But all around this is a great design by one of my favorite Clink designers.

More breakdowns tomorrow.

First Production Breakdown2

We thought we’d give a quick run down of why these caps were picked for first run production. Jason and I picked them on our own this time. Nai, from Strictly Fitteds, will play a big role in the next league. It was his idea and so he’ll be the commissioner. First of all they’re all different looking, which is a big goal.

Bill Riggins gives us the Chula Vista Chicklets. This is probably the only entry that came in and right away we knew it had to be made. We love the colors, the concept, the name. It’s ready for embroidery, it’s simple and clean and that always helps. We also love hats that look like a creature that you’re putting on your head. The Lake Elsinore Storm eyes cap, the Mishka Keep Watch eyeball.

We’re going to call Aaron Bird’s team the Tube Sox. It was the best representation of the Dogtown and Z-boyz skate era that we got AND it has a sweet baseball reference built into it. Couple things that we’re going to change. Sock are going to be longer, I think that needs to be exaggerated. And I think we’ll get rid of the toe or any skin showing for that matter. It’s about the sox, and if Aaron thinks that it’s important for them to have holes in them cool, but no flesh. Maybe mess with the colorway?

Josh Slay’s Wall Bats. We liked this one for it’s simplicity. The idea that we could do an animal, in the shape of a “W”, as a silhouette was exciting. We need to mess with the silhouette of the bat. It needs more hints that it’s a bat. And then, we’ll go nuts with embroidery detail in the white area. It’s going to be big, it’s going to be graphic, and we think it could be a classic.

Tomorrow we’ll break down the second production run.

Reno Aces Shoot – Day 2

Day 2 we had really got into a groove. We finished up a lot faster than we had planned. Everything was smoother. It was a fun night of shooting.

The team posted an announcement on Facebook asking for fans to participate in the shoot. We had about 150 people all decked out in their Ace’s gear. It was awesome.

They all have to sign waivers to be in the ads.

It doesn’t look like much but having this many people was a huge help. We can always double the amount of people in post. This gave us a great foundation.

Getting the jib ready for another sweeping shot flying over the fan’s head.

For this shot we needed a kid to freak out. So we had a bunch of kids come down to the front of the crowd and take their turn freaking out. The best way to direct kids is to act it out with them. That’s me going nuts. Oh yeah, it was freezing of course, but we would ask the fans to take their jackets off so it didn’t look like winter. As a showing of solidarity, we would take our jackets off too. I think it really helped.

Andrew, with the steady cam, getting ready to shot a scene where fans are pouring into the stadium.

This is Andrew behind the pack. This group of girls showed up with homemade capes! You can see them on the right. We love that stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll post the sketch videos that we make to get the timing and the shot angles down before we show up to shoot.

We should have a rough edit of the first ad by the end of the week. We’ll premier it here!

Day One of the Reno Shoot

A few of the great photos that Megan, our production assistant(and my sister), took on day 1 of the Reno Aces shoot.

This is Andrew’s site, he’s our DP.

Check out Megan’s site.

It was fun, but a ton of work. Oh yeah, and it so damn freezing we couldn’t feel our fingers.

Andrew and I trying to get a shot of Tahoe.

This jib gave us great sweeping cinematic camera angles.

This is Andrew rockin’ the steady cam rig.

Andrew, Jason, and I. All trying to stay warm. It was probably midnight.

This was the last shot of the first night of shooting, complete with fog machine. The Reno Aces have this awesome inflatable guy behind the batter’s eye. His mouth moves and everything. More photos of day 2 tomorrow.

SSL Production Order

Congrats to our first and second production winners. This contest ended up being about ideas and Jason and I are looking forward to sending all these designs over the top as we move towards production.

AND, speaking of production, we should have samples of our first round of the Taco Shop League this week. The amount of detail that we’re putting into these things has really held everything up. But they’re going to be amazing. The SSL production will be much quicker due to all the pioneering that the Taco Shop League caps has done.

This is going to be a great week. We’re back from our long trip. We have new Editions that will be launching next week! Jeff is going to be especially excited about this edition, being from Clearwater. Sneak-peaks galore. So glad to be back. Congrats again to everyone.


Sorry for the radio silence. We’ve been in the middle of this big tour. Been a ton of fun.

These are not the winners, just the semi-finalists. Congrats to everyone for making this list. Jason and I will discuss and pick our top three. Looking like that will be on Monday.

We’ll be back in full effect next week. I miss you.

4 Cities in 10 Days

Going on tour again. Bunch of new projects ending with a TV ad shoot in Reno. It’s gunna be fun but a ton of work. It’s nice being able to piggyback these trips even if it keeps us away from home for longer. Sorry wives.

Get those votes in! Looking forward to seeing what everyone likes.