Strange Alt-Mark

This is one of the weirdest alternative marks that we’ve ever done. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s cool as hell. But ideas like this usually hit the cutting room floor. Todd, the guy that runs the Boise Hawks, is a visionary, plain and simple.

Irish Pug Lepers

2 things….

1. We need to see more revisions. We lost a bit of that with the Skate Shop League, it really helps. You don’t have to take my advice but improving/tweaking your entry is important.

2. We need more community participation. For the amount of traffic that we’ve been getting around here the comments for the Reject League have not been enough. Let’s make these better as a group!

Tom and Kris! Great team name, great concept behind the design. Why did you guys ditch the bone? I liked that touch in the sketches. Some of the details are too small in this. You have them rendered really well they just need to be bigger. I think this idea may also benefit from my comment that I gave the Glass blowing entry yesterday, find a great “L” in a font that you like and try to make the arm fit those proportions. Again, I’m not sure I’m making any sense when I say this. This is gross, and weird and that means it’s awesome! Great first entry.

Ryan! Go Beavers! Jason’s wife is going to lean on us to make this entry a reality. Jason and his wife have a pug and like all pug owners they melt at the sight of every coffee mug and greeting card that has a pug printed on it. What’s up with that? You really captured the insanity of a pug’s face. Great work. The double “P” mark is weird and great too! I think this is a one and done. Maybe my only comment is that the tongue could be articulated better. Doesn’t it kinda curl up around the edges? We could do some great things with raised embroidery to make it look like you skinned a pug and mounted it to the hat! Not that you’d ever think to do such a thing.

Brian! As always, Irish pride abounds. “They’ll throw you in their Paddywagon,” nice! This is great. A couple things, the clover in his hat. It being on the outline of the hat obscures the shape of it. Does that make sense? Either in the hat shape or outside the hat shape. I think that the bandana needs a pattern too, clovers right? I’d also get rid of his lower chin. I don’t think that you need it. Great start!


Tom! Jason and I have wanted to name a team the Squiteers forever. It’s still a hope of ours that we would find a good fit for that name. But in the meantime, your awesome version will have to fill that void in our heart. This is a great little rendering. I have two things that will send this over the top. 1-Make those antennae poking through the helmet. 2-We love the blood droplet as a secondary mark. Can we incorporate that into the head logo? Maybe a slobber of blood coming out of the corner of his mouth? Like blood rabbis! Remember this is a Reject, and I think a blood and gore version of this guy would be great! Amazing work as always!

Jim! First time caller? I think so, glad to have you here. Jason and I did a project for the Mudhens, and we learned all about Toledo’s rich glass history. This is a great concept. I think what I’m missing is the excitement of this craft. I’ve seen glass blowing and it’s amazing. Hot as hell, sparks, this molten stuff is being flung around. It’s got an element of danger. How can we make this have more energy? Maybe a glow around it? Maybe skew the whole thing to the right. I’d try to find a great “T” that you love and then make these elements fit those proportions. Does that make sense? Very cool start!

Brendan! Another newbie, welcome! This is a kick ass story and I think the purple shamrock could be really iconic. The only thinkg that could make this better is if you made it more like an ancient sect’s logo. Like the Freemasons made this crest that symbolized this guy. Think, the dollar bill, the Davinci Code kinda stuff. It would tie all three elements into the shamrock, I think now they look just placed on there. Does that make any sense? Great idea!

More tomorrow!

And Were Back

So man entries for the Rejects League. It’s amazing. Some great one’s too. Let’s get it goin’.

Slavo! Amazing rendering. Great idea. This would look great embroidered. While I like the colorway I think that the white would be a tough sell. An all tan hat might be cool, you don’t see much of that in the fitted market. My other thought is that he should be dive bombing, right? He is a kamikaze, right? I think you’d have to rethink the drawing to get that done, but if you can kick ass once, you can kick ass again. Right? Great job!

Cruptown’s first entry! Great presentation. Glad to see you’re back in the mix even though the Threshers’ season is about to start. The name is cool, and the logo is great as well. But I love the Hammering Haggis. THAT’S a Reject League team name. I think you’ll have to simplify the little character you did but I think you’re onto something. Maybe he’s all twisted up from swinging the bat? Great work as always. Seriously Hammerin’ Haggis.

Eric! Great entry. Amazing presentation, way to tell the story. Love the colorway, the logo’s great as well. I just saw the Jack White, Jimmy Page, and the Edge documentary, “It Might Get Loud”. It was great, you guys should check it. My favorite colorways on this are the top two small caps. With the gold bill. Super cool. Can we make the bat/neck of the guitar more bat like? Maybe it should extend past the ball/sound hole? Great work, way to keep a complicated idea simple.

More tomorrow!

Headed to Philly and NYC

Actually in Philly now, then on to NYC on Friday. You guys are bombarding us with amazing Reject League entires. So exciting. I’ll try to post some Friday. Thursday’s gunna be too busy to get to it.

We are cooking up some of the freshest stuff on our trip to NYC. An awesome collaboration with an awesome brand. Can’t wait to share more with you. Stay tuned.

Rejects-Albany Warbirds

I haven’t seen this stuff in almost 10 years. This was our second client ever, an Arena Football team in Albany, NY. We did it while we were still in college. The team was eventually called the Albany Conquest and was named that for a bunch of years before Arena Football went bust. I think they may have changed their logo and name to something else the last year or two by a new owner.

With this team we went through a bunch of team names, the Ironmen, which was shot down by lawyers worried about the watch company and the company that puts on the triathlons. Eventually we settled on the Conquest. But this was one of the first names, the Albany Warbirds. We were all ready to unveil the team name and then September 11th happened. Things were so uncertain after that, the team decided that it was prudent to head in another direction. Looking back it probably would have gone over well with the swell of patriotism that followed 9/11, also could have been controversial. Oh well.

This is a pretty cool sleeve mark.

Got a few Rejects League entries already, looking good! I’ll start posting them tomorrow. Also tomorrow, we’ll show you the New Haven Green Sox, an independent league team that never made it out the gate.

Two Freshers

There are so many Reject League entries to get through. Very exciting. Jason and I will be traveling from Wednesday till Friday. We appreciate your patience. We’re putting the finishing touches on the new site which will make it easier to post on the road. But till that launches you’ll have to wait till next week to get more Reject League entries up here. Sucks! Let’s get a couple in before we go.

Tyler! Love the name. Bit of a mouthful for a stadium chant, but perfect for the Rejects League. Love the simplicity. Don’t loose that. My one thought is that you need to up the story telling elements. What can we turn that circle into behind the head? Is there a conquistador shape that you use, shield, coat of arms? What about a Vegas shape? Maybe the 4 pointed Vegas star as rivets on the helmet/hat? Great work though!

Kyler! Fighting Fantails, we love alliterations. Great name! Love the blue outline turning to blue bubbles. I’m going to steal that trick for a project. Great idea. This thing is really well rendered. Great restraint on the scales and highlights. One and done! Great work!

Obey-Mr Red Homage

We were flattered when Aaron Bird emailed us this awesome Obey shirt featuring an amazing rendition of our Mr. Red that we did for the Cincinnati Reds. MLB probably won’t be crazy about this, and that’s understandable, but we think it’s fun and ain’t that what life’s supposed to be about? Obey is a great brand/mission/movement?, and we love Shepard Fairy’s work. He probably didn’t do this design, but who cares. You can see where they took cues from the original design. Love it. This sort of work gives a brand life, we think it’s great.