Rejects-Albany Warbirds

I haven’t seen this stuff in almost 10 years. This was our second client ever, an Arena Football team in Albany, NY. We did it while we were still in college. The team was eventually called the Albany Conquest and was named that for a bunch of years before Arena Football went bust. I think they may have changed their logo and name to something else the last year or two by a new owner.

With this team we went through a bunch of team names, the Ironmen, which was shot down by lawyers worried about the watch company and the company that puts on the triathlons. Eventually we settled on the Conquest. But this was one of the first names, the Albany Warbirds. We were all ready to unveil the team name and then September 11th happened. Things were so uncertain after that, the team decided that it was prudent to head in another direction. Looking back it probably would have gone over well with the swell of patriotism that followed 9/11, also could have been controversial. Oh well.

This is a pretty cool sleeve mark.

Got a few Rejects League entries already, looking good! I’ll start posting them tomorrow. Also tomorrow, we’ll show you the New Haven Green Sox, an independent league team that never made it out the gate.


8 thoughts on “Rejects-Albany Warbirds

  1. I like the football mark.

    As far as the whole logo, its interesting to see how much you guys have progressed. Well done.

  2. Did the Albany team retain the rights to this logo? That football/bomb logo is really nice. Its a shame it can’t see the light of day somewhere else!

  3. Wow! The main logo is sick! The main plane/bird needs to be produced on a cap, just the logo, no Albany WB! You would kill it on a nice black wool fitted.

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