Two Freshers

There are so many Reject League entries to get through. Very exciting. Jason and I will be traveling from Wednesday till Friday. We appreciate your patience. We’re putting the finishing touches on the new site which will make it easier to post on the road. But till that launches you’ll have to wait till next week to get more Reject League entries up here. Sucks! Let’s get a couple in before we go.

Tyler! Love the name. Bit of a mouthful for a stadium chant, but perfect for the Rejects League. Love the simplicity. Don’t loose that. My one thought is that you need to up the story telling elements. What can we turn that circle into behind the head? Is there a conquistador shape that you use, shield, coat of arms? What about a Vegas shape? Maybe the 4 pointed Vegas star as rivets on the helmet/hat? Great work though!

Kyler! Fighting Fantails, we love alliterations. Great name! Love the blue outline turning to blue bubbles. I’m going to steal that trick for a project. Great idea. This thing is really well rendered. Great restraint on the scales and highlights. One and done! Great work!


7 thoughts on “Two Freshers

  1. Kyler-that fish illustration is amazing! The best part of it for me is the eye black (and his mouth). Just when I thought I had the fish market cornered… ha. Really nice work. I thought about using bubbles like that, too, but decided against it. Glad to see you made it work!

  2. Love the fantail! Beautifully rendered. That said, the two-letter postal abbreviation for Maryland is MD. Unless a massive East Coast ‘quake has repositioned large swaths of the Atlantic Seaboard, I don’t think Frederick MAssachusetts would be located just north of Washington, DC. Nor do I think Frederick, Maryland and Washington would have moved north to the Bay State. 😉

  3. I love that fish illustration, very well done. I wish there was no football in there, but then the eye black would look odd and you NEED the eye black. It’s such a B-A goldfish. Although the Conquistador’s simplicity is a nice thing, it could be a little less simple and still retain the “simple” tag. It need something else in addition to a new background shape. Needs to hit a new level or dimension. On a side note on the Fighting Fantails concept, MA is Massachusetts, MD is Maryland. Not a big deal, it threw me off, that’s all.

  4. I can’t wait to see what other Reject League entries come in. If I weren’t so swamped right now, I might throw my own cap in the ring… so to speak. I was thinking about the San Antonio Banderas (with a logo comprised of a battle-worn, so-called “Alamo Flag” flying from a baseball bat), the St. Petersburg All-Tsars (perhaps a logo featuring a Charleston Charlies-like baseball-head sporting Tsar Nicholas II’s signature moustache and beard, with a secondary mark resembling the Imperial Russian Double-Eagle) and either the New Bedford Ahabs, New Bedford Mobys or New Bedford WhiteWhales (referencing the starting-point of Melville’s “Moby Dick”).

  5. The subtle bulge of negative space for the eyeball on the opposite side of the fish is equally as awesome as the eye black. Very cool!

  6. Tyler, here’s a thought on the conquistador logo. What if you just used the L and the V in the guy’s face? Maybe use the left side of his face as the L and use his goatee as the v.then tilt the hat from the lower left to the upper right. I might get rid of the baseball all together. I like hidden gems in logos like the Expos logo or the Brewers.

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