And Were Back

So man entries for the Rejects League. It’s amazing. Some great one’s too. Let’s get it goin’.

Slavo! Amazing rendering. Great idea. This would look great embroidered. While I like the colorway I think that the white would be a tough sell. An all tan hat might be cool, you don’t see much of that in the fitted market. My other thought is that he should be dive bombing, right? He is a kamikaze, right? I think you’d have to rethink the drawing to get that done, but if you can kick ass once, you can kick ass again. Right? Great job!

Cruptown’s first entry! Great presentation. Glad to see you’re back in the mix even though the Threshers’ season is about to start. The name is cool, and the logo is great as well. But I love the Hammering Haggis. THAT’S a Reject League team name. I think you’ll have to simplify the little character you did but I think you’re onto something. Maybe he’s all twisted up from swinging the bat? Great work as always. Seriously Hammerin’ Haggis.

Eric! Great entry. Amazing presentation, way to tell the story. Love the colorway, the logo’s great as well. I just saw the Jack White, Jimmy Page, and the Edge documentary, “It Might Get Loud”. It was great, you guys should check it. My favorite colorways on this are the top two small caps. With the gold bill. Super cool. Can we make the bat/neck of the guitar more bat like? Maybe it should extend past the ball/sound hole? Great work, way to keep a complicated idea simple.

More tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “And Were Back

  1. I love the plaid underbill. My kids are already afraid of mascots. There is no way I let them go near the Hammerin’ Haggis.

  2. Slavo! Love that logo … swooping in on an attack is definitely the way to go.

    Eric. Love your presentation. Great story and logo.

  3. Slavo – LOVE that logo, maybe try it with a dark orange instead of the khaki, or better yet see if there is any way to get some red in it. He is a kamikaze after all.

  4. What’s with the first two hats in the Buckaroo’s Design? I like them better than the big blue one. (If the guitar is really suppose to be tilted, and especially if the panels are different colors.)

  5. The guitar is tilted, as the older logo. I wasn’t sure if the tilt worked. It leaves a bit more room to increase the size and adds some motion, but something bothered me about it. and those are red white and blue panels, with a wheat bill. I liked the idea of a pinwheel cap, but the indigo seemed more “wearable”. Plus, the wheat stitching and trim would give it a bit of a blue jeans look, fitting with the country namesake. I’m gonna work on the bat and re-submit.

  6. I Like the bird Slavo, nice rendering. However in case you werent aware, there is a Japanese Professional Baseball Team from Tokyo called the Yakult Swallows. Considering where you went with this (kamikaze) you might want to think about changing it to Swifts like you mentioned in your description. Nice work though.

  7. …I didn’t realize that there is a team called Swallows somewhere in Japan. (actually, my original intention was to call it the Kamikaze Swifts)
    Now I’m also thinking of changing colors, but don’t know if I’m allowed to do so…Thank you for compliments guys.

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