Tom! Jason and I have wanted to name a team the Squiteers forever. It’s still a hope of ours that we would find a good fit for that name. But in the meantime, your awesome version will have to fill that void in our heart. This is a great little rendering. I have two things that will send this over the top. 1-Make those antennae poking through the helmet. 2-We love the blood droplet as a secondary mark. Can we incorporate that into the head logo? Maybe a slobber of blood coming out of the corner of his mouth? Like blood rabbis! Remember this is a Reject, and I think a blood and gore version of this guy would be great! Amazing work as always!

Jim! First time caller? I think so, glad to have you here. Jason and I did a project for the Mudhens, and we learned all about Toledo’s rich glass history. This is a great concept. I think what I’m missing is the excitement of this craft. I’ve seen glass blowing and it’s amazing. Hot as hell, sparks, this molten stuff is being flung around. It’s got an element of danger. How can we make this have more energy? Maybe a glow around it? Maybe skew the whole thing to the right. I’d try to find a great “T” that you love and then make these elements fit those proportions. Does that make sense? Very cool start!

Brendan! Another newbie, welcome! This is a kick ass story and I think the purple shamrock could be really iconic. The only thinkg that could make this better is if you made it more like an ancient sect’s logo. Like the Freemasons made this crest that symbolized this guy. Think, the dollar bill, the Davinci Code kinda stuff. It would tie all three elements into the shamrock, I think now they look just placed on there. Does that make any sense? Great idea!

More tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “R-R-R-Rejects

  1. be careful with the mosquitos logo though… dont want it to start looking like the head of the pittsburgh hornets logo. i think you’ll be fine though, there should be enough difference

  2. Jim, I’m really digging that glass-blowing idea. I think to really make that a better T you should lengthen the drip from the rod to the puddle, and maybe make it a little thicker to match up with the width of the rod. I don’t know, maybe throw a light gold highlight in there. Also, and don’t take this the wrong way, but i think the puddle needs to be a little flatter. Kinda looks like a coil of dog turds. I mean that in the most positive way, I’m not trying to hate on your design, I just think that might help the overall effect a bit.
    I really love that text for the Toledo Glass Blowers. I can picture that on the front of a nice, crisp white jersey. Maybe Ryan of Ryberto’s fame can help you manufacture one of those!

  3. Ryan of Rybertos fame should start a biz with that shiz. His one offs were freaking awesome! Except I don’t think I could afford to pay him the $$$$ he deserves for anything he would do for me.

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