Irish Pug Lepers

2 things….

1. We need to see more revisions. We lost a bit of that with the Skate Shop League, it really helps. You don’t have to take my advice but improving/tweaking your entry is important.

2. We need more community participation. For the amount of traffic that we’ve been getting around here the comments for the Reject League have not been enough. Let’s make these better as a group!

Tom and Kris! Great team name, great concept behind the design. Why did you guys ditch the bone? I liked that touch in the sketches. Some of the details are too small in this. You have them rendered really well they just need to be bigger. I think this idea may also benefit from my comment that I gave the Glass blowing entry yesterday, find a great “L” in a font that you like and try to make the arm fit those proportions. Again, I’m not sure I’m making any sense when I say this. This is gross, and weird and that means it’s awesome! Great first entry.

Ryan! Go Beavers! Jason’s wife is going to lean on us to make this entry a reality. Jason and his wife have a pug and like all pug owners they melt at the sight of every coffee mug and greeting card that has a pug printed on it. What’s up with that? You really captured the insanity of a pug’s face. Great work. The double “P” mark is weird and great too! I think this is a one and done. Maybe my only comment is that the tongue could be articulated better. Doesn’t it kinda curl up around the edges? We could do some great things with raised embroidery to make it look like you skinned a pug and mounted it to the hat! Not that you’d ever think to do such a thing.

Brian! As always, Irish pride abounds. “They’ll throw you in their Paddywagon,” nice! This is great. A couple things, the clover in his hat. It being on the outline of the hat obscures the shape of it. Does that make sense? Either in the hat shape or outside the hat shape. I think that the bandana needs a pattern too, clovers right? I’d also get rid of his lower chin. I don’t think that you need it. Great start!


12 thoughts on “Irish Pug Lepers

  1. Brian: Love that logo. Just enough detail, but still simple. Though personally the only day of the year I wear green is April 17th.

    Tom & Kris: Love the artistry on that arm, but honestly I think I just threw up a little bit in the back of my throat. A little too real. I agree though about the bone sticking out; need to get that back in the design somehow.

    Ryan: I wish I could share your affinity for pugs, but I’m a big dog person. The design though is right on track. Nice work.

  2. Jeff & Casey, thanks for the early feedback! Already working up the ideas in my head. Definitely will submit a revision. holla!

  3. Is it too late to retract my earlier statement and say that I wear green on MARCH 17th … April 17th is just to be ironic.

    I think I might even wear that Paddys hat on July 17th, but just to run around the neighborhood scaring pugs … LOL!

  4. Guys, my reason for minimal commenting is simple. It all gets lost in amongst the comments and future posts, theres no easy way to reference back to them. If you plan on continuing to run these leagues/comps then i think you need a better interface for managing them. Blog posts are already beginning to fall down.

  5. I agree with Greg. The comments have been buggy for months now. As it stands now, when you hit “post comment”, its anyones guess when the comment will actually show up. Seems like it takes a whole day sometimes.

    Although from what i can tell, you guys have taken care of the name/email fields being filled in with the previous commenters info, so kudos for that.

    As far as this round of entries: I agree that the Lepers would look better if the arm was more L-shaped. I like the Paddys, but i wouldnt put a pattern on the bandana. Seems like it’d make it too busy and possibly cause embroidery issues. Lastly, i dunno how that Pug design is a “one and done”. That rendering obviously needs work. (in my opinion of course)

  6. The Lepers idea is a great one and definitely coming along, but I totally agree that I’d love to see it explored with the bone in the final rendering. I think the sketches with the bone are really intriguing and I’d love to see them vectored.

    The Paddy’s rendering is looking really good. I love the eye and brow area, really nice. Really gives you that mean, pissed off feel… Perfect for a sports mascot.

    As for my pug graphic, I’m glad that Casey said “We could do some great things with raised embroidery to make it look like you skinned a pug and mounted it to the hat”, because that’s exactly what I’m going for here. 3-D embroidery is the perfect application to capture the depths of the wrinkles on a pug’s face. That being said, this IS definitely a work in progress and tweaks are currently being made. CHRIS, I’d love any feedback from you on what work you think it needs.

    Good work guys, let’s keep the comments coming!

  7. Ryan, id suggest maybe adding another color to the upper region of the head, to give the wrinkles some contrast and depth. Maybe the darker grey youre already using, or possibly a lighter grey, i dunno. Also, the ears seem too wrinkly/wobbly. There are obviously parts of a pugs face that are wrinkly, but the ears generally arent. (at least on my sister’s two pugs)

    Also, like Casey said, the tongue could use some shape to bring it to life a little more.

    Just my 2¢

  8. So now i feel like i actually have to provide some useful feedback.

    The paddy’s is a winner, though i think the strokes may need to end up bigger on most of the immediate edges? Could be wrong here.. but it could look more balanced aswell as making the embroid easier?

    The Pugs, i love the back story, but the logo/hat are lacking something. Grey on grey means the logo gets lost in it’s background, if you want it to stand out, you’re going to need some kind of differentiation between the background and the pugface.

    On the pugface:
    In wearing alot more different hats recently, i’ve fallen favour to logos that are less front on purely because they generally portray the character a lot better and are more than just a face; prime example in clink work are mobile baybears vs. charlies x pirates. The pirates logo on the hat stands out more and is way more exciting (and it’s not just because of colour choices).

  9. and the lepper: definately try the bone, i’d even suggest trying the arm on different angles; current angle seems a bit weird.

  10. Ryan, you ever think of using that double-P logo as the dog tag or something? I can’t stop looking at that logo, I don’t know what it is about it but it might be cool to incorporate it somehow.
    Also, anyone have any thoughts as to how the leper arm might benefit from maybe a baseball in hand or something? I’m trying to work out my revision and welcome any comments. Bone has been re-added.

  11. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Chris, good call on the ears. Definitely going to play with those as I agree that they might need to be smoothed out a bit. Tongue is already being tweaked as well. Going to mess with more color as well in the wrinkles but I really want to let embroidery (if it were produced, of course) bring that depth to life. Thanks!

    Greg, I thought about an angled version as well and even sketched it out but the more I thought about it, the story is really a play on trying to make the pug look tough and in-your-face. I felt like the angled versions got a little too playful and “cute”. Think Kentucky Widcat, Lake Elsinore Storm Eyes, those were the types of logos that were the inspiration for this design. Appreciate it man.

    TQ, Glad you like the double P logo and that’s an interesting idea to try it for a dog tag or something. Thanks, I’ll mess with it.

    Really appreciate the feedback guys, revised one coming soon.

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