First Round of Rejects

What a way to start this thing off! Hell yeah! Both are great entries.

Derek! Awesome idea, classic Minor League Baseball. That shell it perfect! I couldn’t imagine it being any better. I think it is all great, I’d ditch the white outline, I don’t think it’s necessary. I’d also make the logo bigger. Love the colors, the concept. Great work!

Kevin Werther of Taco Bull fame hits us with this knock out. Great job Kevin! That tuna is beautiful. Fishing for tuna is one of my favorite things to do and that retro San Diego Chargers color scheme is killer. It all tugs at my heart-strings. I have three thoughts. One, simplify. You don’t need the highlights on the trident; some of the highlights in the tuna and the crown are also unnecessary. But I would leave them in for the sake of the contest. It’ll help sell it. We’ll remove them if we go to production. My other comment it the relationship of the tuna to the trident. While I like this shape of a half moon on it’s side that you’re going for. I think that you need to either add some reference to a tail or tuck the staff of the trident behind the tuna. I guess either way you need to reference the tail I’d do the tail as a silhouette, all dark blue, try to keep this great shape that you’re going for. My last comment is the grey outline. I think the dark blue on that baby blue is great and that the outline just complicates it. All together, amazing job as usual.

Get those entries in, I love this part of my job! You guys are awesome!

Call for The 150 Club

The 150 Club has been a huge success. We love the idea of you guys owning a specific number in the Edition. Before we drop the Boise cap on Monday, we’re opening up the 150 Club. Here’s how it works…

• If you have an Edition tag number that you want reserved for you, send us an email requesting the tag number and your size. We will confirm or decline the request. If it’s confirmed, you’re in the The 150 Club. If it’s declined, it’s because that number’s been taken. You may resubmit your request for a tag number as many times as it takes.

Send your requests here…

Casey & Jason

• When a Edition drops, you will see an option under the size selection menu that says “The 150 Club”. Select that option when buying. We’ll know your name and will have reserved your size and Edition number.

• There are no reto-active claims to numbers. If you join the 150 Club then you own that number from this Edition on. For instance, we can’t give you #67 in a 7 1-4 for the Tulsa Edition.

• We will reserve your Edition number (in your name and your size) for one week after the drop.

• This is for collectors, people that want to have every Edition cap that we drop. If you don’t buy your Edition cap in that first week then your cap will get dumped into the regular inventory and you will be removed from the The 150 Club. I understand that that may sound a little ruthless, but this is an exclusive club.

• The 150 Club only pertains to the signed and numbered Editions. Not the other products that we offer.

• There will be products, giveaways, sneak peeks, and other perks in the future that will be exclusive to The 150 Club members. Club members and their loyalty will be rewarded.

Get your requests in for the upcoming Edition as soon as possible. Thanks to all the current 150 Club members for they’re loyalty! We’re cooking special things up for you right now.

Rejects-New Haven Green Sox

Here’s a team that never got off the ground, the New Haven Green Sox. Named for the town greens that are at the center of all the impossibly small towns in Connecticut and it’s proximity to another town with a baseball team that has a similar name. Can’t remember what that team’s name is off hand but oh well. This was the beginning of our mission to find the right home for a team to use striped sock in their uniforms. It took another 3 years till we finally found the Wilmington Blue Rocks. A great fit for Wilmington, we’re excited to see the team take the field in stripes.

It’s really too bad that the team had to fold before they could unveil all this stuff. Sad for the city of New Haven, sad for the guys that owned and ran the team. All this stuff you see is exactly where we had to end the project. So you can see that we were still trying to pin stuff down. Love that swinging guy, it’s a reference to an old swinging beer barreled Brewers logo.

Rejects-Bowling Green Blind Cave Shrimp

Over the last 10 years of naming and redesigning identities for teams we’ve had a lot of rejected team names. To honor our new League we’ve just kicked off, the Rejects League. We’re going to show off some rejected names and designs from teams that we’ve rebranded.

Starting with the Bowling Green Blind Cave Shrimp. Here’s what wikipedia has to say…

I think it came in second place in the vote for the team name. It’s an awesome name. Here’s a design that we did for the team. Last year, the team did a “what could have been” night. The team played as the Blind Cave Shrimps, they had merch. I think a alternative mascot might be in the works. We might do an Edition cap of this guy. So Minor League.

Tomorrow we’ll show you, the Albany War Birds!

Welcome to opening day of the Rejects League

Nai over at Strictly Fitteds, came up with the idea for the Rejects League and we think it’s great. Really let you guys roam free.

This is how it’ll work: You guys will name your team and design your own cap logos. We will all comment on our favorite designs. We’ll then pick the concepts with the best story, team name, and design. When we get enough designs, then we’ll announce a deadline. For now, consider it a rolling deadline.

This is what you’ll get if your team is picked to be apart of the League…

• You’ll have your cap produced.

• You’ll receive 10 caps for you and your friends.

• And, for every set of 144 caps that we produce with your design on it, you’ll receive $250! When we reorder, boom another $250 bucks.

Name your team: Name it whatever sounds fun to you. This League is about Rejected Team names. So it could be straight forward…the Sloths, a little wierd for a real team, could make an awesome logo. Or, It could be just pure absurdity, the Speed Sloths. The more clever the better. Don’t be afraid to get goofy. Don’t plagiarize. Don’t use the names of real teams, don’t plagiarize existing designs.

Tell the story: We love a good story, everyone does! So tell your team’s story. Show some research, show sketches, show inspiration, give your design context.

Design: Just design a cap mark. Maybe a couple supporting marks would better sell the idea to other Clinkers, but it’s not necessary.

Here are some design tips that we recommend…

• Keep it simple, it has to be stitched small on a cap. Hint: Jason uses thick stroke weights!

• Use icons, it doesn’t have to be a full body of a bear to know it’s the bears.

• Limit yourself to 6 colors max. No gradients.

•Keep it completely original. No use of existing trademarks.

AND have fun, keep the crits positive.

In the Entry Form folder you’ll find a template for you to submit your team’s story and design. USETHETEMPLATE. Adobe Illustrator is our preference, but we’ll try to work with you if you don’t know it. You will also find the thread and fabric color swatches for production. The colors appear differently in Illustrator than they do it real life, just approximate. And remember…

• Use the templates.
• Keep your artwork in vectored format.
• Save as .AI or .PDF preferably
• E-mail to Please put “REJECTS LEAGUE” in the subject line of your email.

Legal Bits: If your design is chosen for production, you will be presented a contract granting Plan B. Branding the rights to the design. In order for the cap to be produced you will have to sign the contract and return it to Plan B. Plan B. has the right to reject any submissions. The designer will receive a $250.00 designer fee for every 144 caps produced. The designer will receive a designer fee equal to 5% of the wholesale cost for other products created with the design, i.e. T-shirts, jerseys, etc.

Rybertos DYI

Ryan was cool enough to send over this awesome and detailed description of how he made all the awesome stuff that he made. Again, great job Ryan! Here is his description with illustrative links and all…

There was a “Taco Shop League” contest over on Plan B’s blog last year that I joined in on and created this little guy . Ryberto’s Burritos was my idea for a taco stand type hole-in-the wall that you might find somewhere in your city at 2am. I adopted the brown/yellow colors from both the :Invaders jersey+ and the 70’s-early 80’s Padres uniforms . So I designed a logo with an old-school/throwback feel based on the Swingin’ Friar& Chief Wahoo . I immediately fell in love with the logo, and wanted more! Time to DIY a baseball jersey (or 2)! First step, with the help of Joe Hilseberg, was finding material that would work best to avoid another DIY disaster . He turned me on to a poly twill with an adhesive backing that works much like a sticker . I ordered brown and yellow material. Next step was ordering baseball jerseys online. I ordered one grey “away” vest, and one yellow sleeved “home throwback” jersey.

Grey away vest:
I wanted this vest to be an “over the top”, sponsored out, softball/adult league-like jersey. I started with the wordmark on the front. I wanted “Ryberto’s” to be a two-toned baseball-type script. I drew it up in AutoCAD, sized it to the jersey front, printed it out to scale and made a template. This is where I found my first problem, the seam down the front doesn’t run directly down the middle of a baseball jersey. It’s off-set for the buttons. So I had to divide the word Ryberto’s in a way that I wouldn’t cut through a letter and have an odd “Phillies” effect, all the while keeping it centered. I cut Ryberto’s as close to the left of the “b” that I could, spaced the “y” and “b” far enough apart so that the “y” wouldn’t be buried behind the buttons seam, and resized the “R” to give the whole word mark balance on the jersey. Much like the Indians , Brewers , Marlins , & Dodgers do. I then made 2 different templates. One for the inside yellow letters , and one for the outside outline . Traced it onto the the poly-twill, cut it, stuck it together with the adhesive backing and sewed it together. Took that piece, centered it onto the jersey, glued it down to the jersey this time with glue that will hold up in the wash, and sewed. I used Arsenal’s numbering kit that I found here on the blog a while back and two-toned it . The back of the jersey is the area that I wanted to go overboard with! I wanted big, bold, and kind of cheesy so that you knew exactly what team you were playing, and their sponsor! The #8 is my second favorite number behind #40, and I wanted to try something different. Also how it now looks to say “Ryberto’s ate Burritos”. Also, left room though for a 2 digit number. Away jersey finished!

Yellow home throwback:
I based this jersey off of the Indians throwback. The only difference is none of my letters or numbers for this jersey are two-toned. I was going to add a grey outline , but didn’t like how professional it looked. I was really trying to capture an old feel for this! Since it’s the home team, I simply dropped “Ryberto’s” altogether and naturally it’s NNOB. I wanted to add an “alt” logo to the whole Ryberto’s identity, and just wanted to use a single letter much like Detroit . Went back and forth with different fonts for the “R” and really wasn’t happy with what I had . One night I met up with some family at a bar, and saw this on a beer ad mirror! That was it, done! I added a ribbon on the sleeve for a stripe, but at that point I still think it needed something else. So I decided to make the main logo into a patch ! Got a really great deal from the same company here in Pittsburgh that works with the Steelers and Panthers. And had 20 made. So I added it to the left sleeve and couldn’t be more happy with the result: front& back.

I wanted to use the alt logo again (and another patch). Instead of buying a 3rd baseball jersey that I’d rarely wear, I threw them on a sweater and made a home jersey/mashup type thing that I can actually wear regularly .

Also, found my original sketch in a pile of papers and framed it with a patch.

That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed reading about them as much as I enjoyed making them!!!


Threshers Q n A 2

All great questions about the Threshers project…

I’m intrigued to hear the relationship between ideas you have and the ability to execute them – such as the jersey example above. Great idea on the jersey but impractical to execute. Any other similar examples?
-Patrick Lagreid

I liked the blue one they had, but I guess they no longer use that. Is it not possible to get a beige in the mesh style?
-Jeff Crupper

Great questions Patrick & Jeff! Part of the Plan B culture is to try things that have never been done before. Whether it’s cork on cap bills or jersey colors. We always develop the idea first – without boundaries – then work to make it happen. A few years back, New Era stocked a cap color called ‘Slate Blue’ which we used for the Tulsa Drillers – and the Tulsa Phase IV Edition. Unfortunately nobody made a Slate Blue jersey. So we did some detective work and located the fabric mill that supplies all the manufactures. The mill said if the club would pay to dye a bolt of fabric (which would last a few years) it was a done deal. The manufacturer agreed to store the fabric, and several thousand dollars later players donned Slate road tops. But nobody made Slate Blue merch, so it the end the club switched to Royal. Great idea, a lot of work, and less practical in the end. Jeff, nobody makes Sand in mesh and we’re staying away from custom dying!

You have a YouTube Channel, but there are no videos on there. Why not post some of your past commercials? The Threshers have had some good stuff over the years. I’d like to see what else you’ve done.
-Jeff Crupper

Yes, we’re going to develop a You Tube channel at some point. Here’s most of the commercials.

Just wondering since we didn’t talk about it much when you stopped by, which is more important to teams lately: Color scheme or the logo?

Great question! It depends on your market. The fashion market leans towards color-ways, but a team and it’s fans just want a killer logo. I guess it depends on if you’re a fan of the team or just want a fashionable look.

Ryans Amazin Rybertos

Ryan sent me an email to all these incredible things that he made for his Taco Shop League entry, the Rybertos. Totally blew my mind. We’re so impressed Ryan. We gotta get that cap made now. That bean and cheese color combo is tugging on my heart strings. Now that’s how you sell your idea!

Check out more of Ryan’s photos here…

Yeah Ryan, email me a description of how you made everything and I’ll post it up here.

Boise Hawks Edition Tease

Our good buddy Nai over at Strictly Fitteds made this awesome teaser video for our next Edition drop! March 22nd look out for it! Great job Nai and everyone at SF!

The song is the new Clink theme song written by the band, and friend of the Clink Room, Scrambler Seequill. I think they did a great job!

You guys are going to hate this but I’m not ready to unveil the next contest. I need to make a logo for the new League. Should we make that a contest too, Design the logo for the new League? What do you guys think? I got a bunch of stuff I’ve gathered from all our teams that we could use as prizes.