Da Super Roid Spiders

Another great round! Keep it up. I feel like we’re finally making some head way on getting everyone’s entry posted. I think I only have 42 left to post now. How would you guys feel about a mid-Reject League run down? Trends in the entries, what I think is working, what I think isn’t. It’s become more clear to me what the Rejects League needs to be in order to keep it’s original spirit but still be something that you guys would be proud to sport.

Steve! Speaking of proud to sport. This is a killer entry. I love me some flags. Really only one comment, the ears need to be longer. Those are what makes the rabbit iconic. They need to be pretty front and center, at least 75% larger. Everything else is so spot on, great concept, great rendering.

Jonathan! Love that name. When Jason and I were in Japan for a project, terms like super are slapped in front of everything. I think that super as a prefix is super. I like how you stayed simple with the design. Bright colors are a great fit with this concept. But lets take this over the top. I want everything that’s super on this smiley face. Super hero mask, sun bursts, fireworks, an excruciating ecstasy filled smile. Get where I’m headed with this?

Paul, yes another great redo. This is a huge improvement. Really great work. You took everyone’s advice and made something really funny. All those muscles will look even more freaky in raised embroidery. Killer. Great work! What’s your next entry?

Steve! What a name and what a town/name pairing! You’re like an award winning sommelier for sports logos. This is actually a great illustration of my earlier point on what I think is working and what’s not. Name- 100 points, Wearability of an illustrated fart on a hat-eh. What if this was a dog headed spider, with a spiked collar, and 6 eyes? A barking, snarling, and slobbering beast with 8 legs. Same name, same Pulitzer Prize winning name. Am I making sense? Am I totally off?

Have a killer weekend. How about the reliability of the posts! New website, yeah!

Reno Aces 2010 Ads Pt.1

Plan B. did 4 commercial spots this year. Two Spots for the Reno Aces, Triple-A for the Diamondbacks and Two Spots for the Clearwater Threshers, Single-A for the Phillies. I know I’ve been promising to show the final results for a while. We’ll do one a day with a sample of our thumbnails that we use to plan the shots.

Here’s the Reno Aces first ad. The Ace’s are only in thier second year in Reno. While they’ve made incredible progress into the hearts of Reno’s citizens, we wanted this campaign to be a rally cry for the whole region to join Ace’s Nation. So we creates “Reno Rising! Aceball Rising!” The idea came about while having a few beers after a day of research. Jessica, the team’s amazing merchandise manager, said that the town and the team needs a rally cry, something to get people to stand up and be proud of their town and the club. We thought it was a great idea. Thanks Jessica!

Here’s the thumbnails for this ad…

This is the sketch video…

Here’s the final result…

Music by our favorite duo Devin and Mike of Scrambler Seequill!

Butcher Dweeb Griller Stealers

Jeffe! This is a cool name and a Reject! Very good thinking. I like the simplicity I think that’s important. I would reign in the blood splatters but symbolically it’s simple and that’s great. That being said, I now want to complicate it. I like the KC meat secondary mark. But what if you incorporated the two ideas but you went with bones instead of meat. Bones can be so iconic. Or what about a KC etched into the blade of the cleaver? If you can make meat iconic, that might be great too. I’d encourage you to look at retro, butcher or meat manufacturer logos. Again, French deco is rich territory. I’d also look at cattle branding marks. There are some great one’s out there. Great start!

Joe T! Love the name. Love the logo. At first I wasn’t sure about the square glasses, now I think they contrast great with all the round shapes in the head and that makes you smarter than I. It’s gunna look great embroidered. We’ll make that mini-fro look like you scalped somebody and mounted them to the hat. Really this is a one n done. But I can’t help myself, I think you could imporve the negative space, the sillouttee of the hat mark. That would help make it more iconic. What if you added the bars on the glasses that hook around the ears (What the hell are those things called?)? Not rims, right? I guess it’s part of the rim. Anyways, make them coming off either side of the head. It would add something interesting to the shape. Or ignore me. Amazing!

Stefan! Glad to have you back! A great name and idea. This thing will look epic in all gold. I’d also consider doing something with the teeth in the top logo. Could look great on a hat. Three thoughts on improving the current hat mark. I think you need to define more of the tooth using the darks. It becomes too much of a big shape and looses it’s tooth-ness. Define those roots and top with some dark marks. And second, I think that the shape of the tooth could be more iconic. Similar to Joe’s entry above, we could get some more curves and spaces between the roots. It’ll read better as a tooth. Lastly, the stars are great. I’d consider making them the 4 pointed Vegas star but that’s just a preference. I’d also like to see a G or a LV “etched” into the thing. It would be great to stitch the whole thing in raised gold thread and then not raise the “etched” LV. Amazing start!

Efra! Great redo! This mark is exceptional. In the comments someone mentioned that it looked like a Benny Gold mark. Can someone find a link to that and post it in the comments. I don’t think anyone is accusing Efra of forgery. Sometimes great minds think alike. If it’s too close, we might have to rethink parts of the design. Base Stealers as a concept is spot on. If you’re not familiar with Benny Gold, you should definitely acquaint yourself. He’s got a great thing going. Very talented guy and I love the vision that he has for his brand, clean, classic, a touch of retro. It’s really fun. Jason and I are big fans.

Rocky Ivory Mighty Octos

This is a stellar round.

Justin! Amazing concept, amazing rendering. One comment, I want a little illusion to thread marks in the blood. That’s it. Nothing crazy just a little illusion to it. I want to give this a one n’ done so bad but I do think that would button this one up. Great work!

Derek! Another All-Star. The only thing I’d change is the tail on the cap logo. It’s unnecessary, I’m thinking of the Ancient Egyptian goddess Maate. Awesome idea, maybe make the bill sharper? Other than that. Another really close to being one n done.

Fernando!!! Yes, I love it when I get great redos back. Yes, there is some awkwardness to the rendering. But we can help with that later. This is a cool concept with all the right story-telling elements. I hate to do this but maybe a feathered headdress? I can really tell that you worked hard on improving this guy. Great work! Done if you want! Headdress, definite done. Epic effort!

Jason is gunna be pissed Chris! This was one of his all-time hidden agenda names for a Florida State League team. Way to make this entry look great too. Very on brand for Clink. I think the O is amazing. And it’s definitely a one n done but I’d like to see you enter an alternate. An 8 made in this similar style. Or even the head of the octopus as the top circle of the 8? Kickin ass, naming Rejects.


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Motorhead Artist Mini Doc

The art of Metal bands is so unmistakably iconic and this is a great mini-documentary featuring the incredible work of Joe Petagno, the guy that did all the Motorhead album covers and created their amazing logo (lets call it a mascot) Snaggletooth. It’s weird how Metal guys are really into formal styles, baroque painting, formalism. So strange. It’s like a lot of hip hop guys are into surreal/hippy styles. They seem incongruent. It’s all weird and great I should say.

Part 1…

Part 2…

Thanks to Mishka for this.

Toxic Syrup Ruckus Milkers

Jordan! Newbie with two to show. Great to have you. Great team name and theme! Love that part of New England culture. My wife is from Connecticut and on her family’s property they have some maple syrup trees that are harvested each year. So cool. Full baseball player is unnecessary to me, especially when you have all these great images to draw from. Like a bat giving maple syrup! Amazing. I’d make that the center of focus. The syrup needs to be goopy, it could be wine now. The pancake is a cool icon but a tough read unless they’re is a stack. Maybe crossed bats, oozing syrup on a stake of pancakes in the middle, you know, getting the treatment. I like the old-timey thing. That’s a good element to keep. Not sure how. Great start!

And Toxicity! Another killer story. First off, the character is great, no need to complicate it with the whole pond. A few bubbles and you’re good. Also the hands are on the right track but right now it’s like they’re going in for a hug. Them pointing inwards is what’s causing that. Turn them pointing out and that should solve it. Also, the mouth needs to be grosser. A big growling mouth with ooze gooping out! Another great start!

Jake! Another newbie, welcome! Funny idea, a mascot for an art school. My school, Pratt was called the Cannoneers. I didn’t find that out till my junior year when a friend dragged me to a basketball game. Weird for an art school to have a nickname that’s so serious. They would play small Catholic Colleges, you could tell that the kids took it really seriously. But Pratt’s players all had knee high sock, Chuck Taylors, tattoos and mismatched unis. It was awesome! I heard that the whole team fouled out once, they had to forfeit! Yes, art school! I guess that brings me to my point about this design. Art school and college sports are strange bedfellows and that’s what I want from this design. Pissed off, smoking, psychedelic cloud, with paintbrushes and pencils caught up in the cloud. It’s a great problem to give yourself! Great kick-off!

Tom! This has such a nice energy around it. Wholesome and clean, like a dairy should be. This could be from the Netherlands, I love that. Everything is impeccably rendered, as always. But I think the jug needs a face. I’m thinking wholesome, Maxfield Parish’s King Cole but not that face. Maybe Virgil’s Root Beer? Not that either, but both of those references have the right aura around them. Maybe the Coca-Cola Santa! Closer. Use the floating crown, and the bats, a big toothy smile, maybe illusions to a beard/mustache, smiling eyes, bushy eyebrows, twinkling eyes, done all in white, like it’s carved out of the jug. Get my drift? Maybe look at old dairy/cheese logos from the French art deco period. I want this thing to be sooooo wholesome.

Refried to the Point

Refried beans in the shape of a swastika! Wow. Anyone finds out who this person is, the Taco Shop League will officially sponsor them.

No matter how you feel about immigration in the U.S., this Arizona law is stupid. Anyone who looks Mexican can legal be asked to present papers proving your allowed to be in the state of Arizona. Since there are approximately 1.7 Million Arizona citizens of Mexican descent born and raised in that State, there’s a good chance that a lot of the people that will be asked for papers would be born in the US. The term Nazi is certainly over used in political discourse. I think it’s safe to say that there is a good bit of humor in this protest as well.

Growing up 5 minutes from the Mexican boarder, Jason and I have seen the great contributions that Mexican immigrants have made to the San Diego culture. The Taco Shop League is basically a love letter to those contributions. There has to be a way to make immigration safe, legal, and work for everyone. This sort of law doesn’t seem like the answer. Look, if we’re going to be stewards of the Taco Shop League we’re going to be advocates for our Mexican-American brethren. No more politics, sorry Clinkers.


When Jason and I were in Elementary school we were obsessed with the Disney TV show Tale Spin. This concept plays to whatever’s left in me that liked that show. Glad to see people still dreaming the impossible.