Refried to the Point

Refried beans in the shape of a swastika! Wow. Anyone finds out who this person is, the Taco Shop League will officially sponsor them.

No matter how you feel about immigration in the U.S., this Arizona law is stupid. Anyone who looks Mexican can legal be asked to present papers proving your allowed to be in the state of Arizona. Since there are approximately 1.7 Million Arizona citizens of Mexican descent born and raised in that State, there’s a good chance that a lot of the people that will be asked for papers would be born in the US. The term Nazi is certainly over used in political discourse. I think it’s safe to say that there is a good bit of humor in this protest as well.

Growing up 5 minutes from the Mexican boarder, Jason and I have seen the great contributions that Mexican immigrants have made to the San Diego culture. The Taco Shop League is basically a love letter to those contributions. There has to be a way to make immigration safe, legal, and work for everyone. This sort of law doesn’t seem like the answer. Look, if we’re going to be stewards of the Taco Shop League we’re going to be advocates for our Mexican-American brethren. No more politics, sorry Clinkers.


4 thoughts on “Refried to the Point

  1. That law is so stupid, and it already affected many people here in Mexico, many people have been deported already because of that.

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