Toxic Syrup Ruckus Milkers

Jordan! Newbie with two to show. Great to have you. Great team name and theme! Love that part of New England culture. My wife is from Connecticut and on her family’s property they have some maple syrup trees that are harvested each year. So cool. Full baseball player is unnecessary to me, especially when you have all these great images to draw from. Like a bat giving maple syrup! Amazing. I’d make that the center of focus. The syrup needs to be goopy, it could be wine now. The pancake is a cool icon but a tough read unless they’re is a stack. Maybe crossed bats, oozing syrup on a stake of pancakes in the middle, you know, getting the treatment. I like the old-timey thing. That’s a good element to keep. Not sure how. Great start!

And Toxicity! Another killer story. First off, the character is great, no need to complicate it with the whole pond. A few bubbles and you’re good. Also the hands are on the right track but right now it’s like they’re going in for a hug. Them pointing inwards is what’s causing that. Turn them pointing out and that should solve it. Also, the mouth needs to be grosser. A big growling mouth with ooze gooping out! Another great start!

Jake! Another newbie, welcome! Funny idea, a mascot for an art school. My school, Pratt was called the Cannoneers. I didn’t find that out till my junior year when a friend dragged me to a basketball game. Weird for an art school to have a nickname that’s so serious. They would play small Catholic Colleges, you could tell that the kids took it really seriously. But Pratt’s players all had knee high sock, Chuck Taylors, tattoos and mismatched unis. It was awesome! I heard that the whole team fouled out once, they had to forfeit! Yes, art school! I guess that brings me to my point about this design. Art school and college sports are strange bedfellows and that’s what I want from this design. Pissed off, smoking, psychedelic cloud, with paintbrushes and pencils caught up in the cloud. It’s a great problem to give yourself! Great kick-off!

Tom! This has such a nice energy around it. Wholesome and clean, like a dairy should be. This could be from the Netherlands, I love that. Everything is impeccably rendered, as always. But I think the jug needs a face. I’m thinking wholesome, Maxfield Parish’s King Cole but not that face. Maybe Virgil’s Root Beer? Not that either, but both of those references have the right aura around them. Maybe the Coca-Cola Santa! Closer. Use the floating crown, and the bats, a big toothy smile, maybe illusions to a beard/mustache, smiling eyes, bushy eyebrows, twinkling eyes, done all in white, like it’s carved out of the jug. Get my drift? Maybe look at old dairy/cheese logos from the French art deco period. I want this thing to be sooooo wholesome.


12 thoughts on “Toxic Syrup Ruckus Milkers

  1. I think Toxicity is really close! The yellow-green bubbles bother me. I think they should more closely match the “water” color. They seem too foreign to be part of the water.

    Milkers: great name! I like the milk jug rendering, but it feels like it could use something to punch it up. Maybe some more depth. Maybe changing the black to a navy blue, or maybe even a more “electric” blue. I think the yellow and white on the bats are too similar and get lost. What if you used an old-school glass milk bottle instead of a plastic jug? Maybe vary the line weights. Maybe incorporate a cow pattern on the under-bill. Man, so much potential!

  2. Syrups – Im not a huge fan of “Makers”. Is there a more creative techinical name that is more specific to syrup making? (i dont know)I love the character. I think the beard makes him look lumberjackish. What about just a mustache? Think Conan OBrien when he played old timey baseball. Classic.

    Love the style on the Toxicity as well. All of Caseys points are spot on. Im really excited to see where this one is going.

    I agree with Kevins ideas about the Milkers. Excited to see this one too. I love the color of the hat with the contrast to the Yellow bats. Nicely done.

  3. I love the Toxicity. I agree with what Casey says about the mouth and the hands – need to be a bit more threatening. Also maybe the white isnt a good color for the hands, what about like a putrid yellow or something, but I like the pond! I think it really adds something to it.

    I love the milk jug (I dont recall ever seeing any logo with it), I have to disagree with Kevin about changing it to a glass, I think the jug is an everyday item that is easily recognizable and original on a cap. But he has a good point with the bat highlights, maybe darker bat+crown? I love the purity of this logo, I would like to see it with the bats AND the crown and see how that looks. Im curious to see what you do with the face idea Casey has.

    I like the idea of the Ruckus but the rendering needs some work. Pick a solid outline color and stick with it, right now its half black/grey. Also the mouth is confusing and its because it is conflicting and connecting with the outline. Also the white highlights are making the cloud look shiny. I would approach the right side of the logo the way you did the left. Keep at it and you’ll get it.

    The Syrup makers is a cool idea, but yeah, if you nail the bat with a spigot on there like you did, you wont even need the player. Also I dont think the color scheme is working, to get your point across, you gotta have brown in there somewhere. Its looking like grape juice to me. Maybe do the bat with little twigs and couple leaves on em? Nail the woodsy aspect to it?

    Good stuff guys.

  4. Hey, I just wanted to say I really appreciate the advice I’ve been given about the cloud, and as far as the mouth goes, its supposed to be the clouds arms folding, if that makes sense. I guess I need to work on better communicating that idea. Thanks though.

  5. Tom, that jug is the boss. I agree that the bats could be darker to make the shading of the white stand out some more, but I think the jug alone is a super tight, solid design. Perfectly simple.

  6. syrup makers- cool name and idea. maybe make the pancake a little less rock looking. dig the colors.
    maybe shorten the name to “Saps”.

    toxicity – nice rendering. like the color scheme, and the subtle oil slicks in the sludge.

    ruckus – like the idea, maybe thicken up some strokes. work on the mouth. my art school’s unofficial nickname was the river otters, a little to normal for a reject idea.

    milkers- pretty funny. the jug rendering is nice. maybe if you’re gonna go with the wholesome route, i like the old-school glass bottle idea. or, two big, giant, nevermind.

    my 2 cents.

  7. Loving the plastic milk jug. It’s so mundane, it’s ridiculous. Makers is strange. I’m enjoying its awkward charm. The pancake doesn’t read well though. This league is going to be great.

  8. Ah, mundane. Thats kinda the word I was looking for, nice Aaron. Thats what makes it unique. DO NOT change it to a bottle lol

  9. Syrup makers- has potential to be something special, but it needs to be conceptualized more. The guy reminds me of back when I played against the St. Catherine Stompers same kind of posture. What if you made home plate a pancake with syrup seems. Even a brown on brown baseball like drop reflection in a syrup puddle. Just random thoughts.

    Toxicity is great- I agree with losing the puddle. Maybe spread the arms out a little more and taper the body some so it forms a “T” out of the logo itself. All in all its Str8.

    Ringling- Love the idea of an art school team. Bring the noise here!! like the guys said expand.

    Milkers- Nice play, love it. My warped sense of humor has a suggestion for this one other then bringing out the jug more or old schooling it. The warped side says take the crown and make it non traditional, make a crown of “Udders” seriously that would so be Wisconsin!!! sorry I know thats warped but it would be a nice play and a good complementary color for the palate.

    Great work everyone, I enjoy checking out all the entries everyday keep em rolling.

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