Rocky Ivory Mighty Octos

This is a stellar round.

Justin! Amazing concept, amazing rendering. One comment, I want a little illusion to thread marks in the blood. That’s it. Nothing crazy just a little illusion to it. I want to give this a one n’ done so bad but I do think that would button this one up. Great work!

Derek! Another All-Star. The only thing I’d change is the tail on the cap logo. It’s unnecessary, I’m thinking of the Ancient Egyptian goddess Maate. Awesome idea, maybe make the bill sharper? Other than that. Another really close to being one n done.

Fernando!!! Yes, I love it when I get great redos back. Yes, there is some awkwardness to the rendering. But we can help with that later. This is a cool concept with all the right story-telling elements. I hate to do this but maybe a feathered headdress? I can really tell that you worked hard on improving this guy. Great work! Done if you want! Headdress, definite done. Epic effort!

Jason is gunna be pissed Chris! This was one of his all-time hidden agenda names for a Florida State League team. Way to make this entry look great too. Very on brand for Clink. I think the O is amazing. And it’s definitely a one n done but I’d like to see you enter an alternate. An 8 made in this similar style. Or even the head of the octopus as the top circle of the 8? Kickin ass, naming Rejects.


17 thoughts on “Rocky Ivory Mighty Octos

  1. These all look really cool.

    Yeah, I would agree that tire tracks are needed to cement the roadkill theme, otherwise it could just be a racoon someone might have shot for dinner, yum! No seriously, nice rendering, despite the coon being dead the rendering style has a very lively feel to it. I would like to see a more fleshed out big rig as the secondary. Good job.

    Love the Ivory bills, its got a classic look and feel to it, I certainly can envision this team. Thats the thing, I dont see this as a reject though. Its awesome, I like the team name, the logos classy – I just dont see an organization rejecting this idea lol – Nice work

    Definite improvement over the last entry, I like the warpaint. I like the head dress idea. I would try to nail that eye as well. I think just the head and the addition of the head dress would be enough. I think a full torso like you got here is unnecessary.

    I love octo..pi? Isnt that octopus in plural? Anyway, sharp rendering very detailed and Im really feeling the colorway. I too would like to see what you would do with an alternate – full body octopus = awesome. My only other concern is the same I had for the Ivory Bills – I wouldnt reject this team. Its cool, the concept is great (all arms working together towards the goal) I could definitely see this as an actual team playing right now. Sweet work, man.

  2. Justin- Roadkill is SICK! Probably my favorite entry so far. Great work, perfect for the rejects league.

    Chris- The Octos “O” is really nice too but I agree that I’d love to see you tackle a secondary on this to push the whole package a little more. Really good start though.

    Good stuff guys.

  3. OCTOS… fucking beautiful. you’re the man chris.

    KD (aka the durantula), still my boy – but fuck clay bennett and his greedy henchmen, some grade A bullshit to this day.

  4. Ah. I missed that. You know as I watched the “thunder” play, I still can’t get past that they left Seattle. I feel sorry for the Sonics fans, they really had some great years there. One things for sure, the team identity and logo was a hell of a lot better in Seattle than the current…

  5. @Chris: I’m loving the Octos. Super, super solid design. So awesome. That orange is magic on the dark blue.
    I think the reason people say it’s not a reject is because this is a logo/team name I could see a team actually using (see: Ben Barnes entries). Many people’s definition of “reject” is something that no team in their right minds would ever use. I think the Ivory Bills and even the Chihuahuas could fit into the category of not really being a reject. But Roadkill? Ain’t nobody namin’ their team the Roadkill. THAT is a reject, my friend.
    With all that said though, The O’s are awesome and if I were you I’d look into making those hats/t’s anyway. I’m sure Ryan of Ryberto’s fame could help you out with some of that.

  6. Thanks to everyone who dug my Roadkill submission! I was a little stuck on the secondary mark treatment and wasn’t 100% on it’s execution. If I get some time I’d like to revisit this and maybe polish it up. But I really like the idea of adding the tire tread illusion into the blood. I’ll be working on a new version and will resubmit soon.

  7. The Roadkill is flat out awesome. Great name, great execution. Perfect. Picture that Italian-pizza-box-chef-fingers-lip-pucker thing lol. Now that I think of it that might be a good idea for an entry… “The Spicy Meat-A-Balls” lol.

    Love the Octos too, great render on the “O”. I don’t think it needs a secondary, but it would be interesting to see what you can come up with.

    I can see the opinion that my Bills entry and also the Octos are “not really a reject”. I’m in the same boat as Chris as I was going for the “reject” aspect with the backstory and not so much the visual identity or team name. Extinct(?) animal mascot and potentially extinct town, sort of a reject theme going on, no?

    Also just for fun, I’d just like to add a “fuck Clay Bennet” as well. Stole the Sonics and then came out with one of, if not the, worst identity in pro sports history in OKC. I still cringe when I see that uber-generic logo and bright and sunny “thunder” color scheme.

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