Butcher Dweeb Griller Stealers

Jeffe! This is a cool name and a Reject! Very good thinking. I like the simplicity I think that’s important. I would reign in the blood splatters but symbolically it’s simple and that’s great. That being said, I now want to complicate it. I like the KC meat secondary mark. But what if you incorporated the two ideas but you went with bones instead of meat. Bones can be so iconic. Or what about a KC etched into the blade of the cleaver? If you can make meat iconic, that might be great too. I’d encourage you to look at retro, butcher or meat manufacturer logos. Again, French deco is rich territory. I’d also look at cattle branding marks. There are some great one’s out there. Great start!

Joe T! Love the name. Love the logo. At first I wasn’t sure about the square glasses, now I think they contrast great with all the round shapes in the head and that makes you smarter than I. It’s gunna look great embroidered. We’ll make that mini-fro look like you scalped somebody and mounted them to the hat. Really this is a one n done. But I can’t help myself, I think you could imporve the negative space, the sillouttee of the hat mark. That would help make it more iconic. What if you added the bars on the glasses that hook around the ears (What the hell are those things called?)? Not rims, right? I guess it’s part of the rim. Anyways, make them coming off either side of the head. It would add something interesting to the shape. Or ignore me. Amazing!

Stefan! Glad to have you back! A great name and idea. This thing will look epic in all gold. I’d also consider doing something with the teeth in the top logo. Could look great on a hat. Three thoughts on improving the current hat mark. I think you need to define more of the tooth using the darks. It becomes too much of a big shape and looses it’s tooth-ness. Define those roots and top with some dark marks. And second, I think that the shape of the tooth could be more iconic. Similar to Joe’s entry above, we could get some more curves and spaces between the roots. It’ll read better as a tooth. Lastly, the stars are great. I’d consider making them the 4 pointed Vegas star but that’s just a preference. I’d also like to see a G or a LV “etched” into the thing. It would be great to stitch the whole thing in raised gold thread and then not raise the “etched” LV. Amazing start!

Efra! Great redo! This mark is exceptional. In the comments someone mentioned that it looked like a Benny Gold mark. Can someone find a link to that and post it in the comments. I don’t think anyone is accusing Efra of forgery. Sometimes great minds think alike. If it’s too close, we might have to rethink parts of the design. Base Stealers as a concept is spot on. If you’re not familiar with Benny Gold, you should definitely acquaint yourself. He’s got a great thing going. Very talented guy and I love the vision that he has for his brand, clean, classic, a touch of retro. It’s really fun. Jason and I are big fans.


10 thoughts on “Butcher Dweeb Griller Stealers

  1. I was iffy on the Stealers before, but I am totally on board now. This looks like it could be a minor league logo right now. It could totally be on the field. Excellent, excellent job with this one.

  2. Love the KC Steak logo.

    Excellent rendering on the Dweebs, I’m liking that character. I had a Nerds entry ready to go but I’ll toss that now. Or, you could use my idea and develop a secondary hat. I went with the Elsinore Storm motif only instead of evil eyes I had nerd glasses. Simple, looked allright. Didn’t have any eyes though so maybe look into nerd eyes. Do nerds have different eyes? I guess I could go look in the mirror. Snap!

    Nothing to add to the Grillers, Casey pretty much nailed it.

    Base Stealers is top notch.

  3. It was slay who pointed that out about the stealers….Its the benny gold fitted he did for for the vault store in NYC just google it they look petty close to the same logo.

  4. Yea I think the the stealers is ill too…But all I see is the benny gold fitted….Maybe its because I have that benny gold hat.

  5. I’ve been studying the Stealers to learn from it, and I just noticed that his back leg looks like it is going off at an unnatural angle. It looks like his right knee is coming towards the viewer, and not in the direction that he is running. It also looks that way because of the way the foot tucks behind the leg. If this logo moves forward, I would suggest looking into that.

  6. Put a fitted on the stealers dude and a baseball jersery and its perfection!!…..oh.and make the bat a wood color! dam Iam full sick ideas!lol

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