Reno Aces 2010 Ads Pt.1

Plan B. did 4 commercial spots this year. Two Spots for the Reno Aces, Triple-A for the Diamondbacks and Two Spots for the Clearwater Threshers, Single-A for the Phillies. I know I’ve been promising to show the final results for a while. We’ll do one a day with a sample of our thumbnails that we use to plan the shots.

Here’s the Reno Aces first ad. The Ace’s are only in thier second year in Reno. While they’ve made incredible progress into the hearts of Reno’s citizens, we wanted this campaign to be a rally cry for the whole region to join Ace’s Nation. So we creates “Reno Rising! Aceball Rising!” The idea came about while having a few beers after a day of research. Jessica, the team’s amazing merchandise manager, said that the town and the team needs a rally cry, something to get people to stand up and be proud of their town and the club. We thought it was a great idea. Thanks Jessica!

Here’s the thumbnails for this ad…

This is the sketch video…

Here’s the final result…

Music by our favorite duo Devin and Mike of Scrambler Seequill!


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