Da Super Roid Spiders

Another great round! Keep it up. I feel like we’re finally making some head way on getting everyone’s entry posted. I think I only have 42 left to post now. How would you guys feel about a mid-Reject League run down? Trends in the entries, what I think is working, what I think isn’t. It’s become more clear to me what the Rejects League needs to be in order to keep it’s original spirit but still be something that you guys would be proud to sport.

Steve! Speaking of proud to sport. This is a killer entry. I love me some flags. Really only one comment, the ears need to be longer. Those are what makes the rabbit iconic. They need to be pretty front and center, at least 75% larger. Everything else is so spot on, great concept, great rendering.

Jonathan! Love that name. When Jason and I were in Japan for a project, terms like super are slapped in front of everything. I think that super as a prefix is super. I like how you stayed simple with the design. Bright colors are a great fit with this concept. But lets take this over the top. I want everything that’s super on this smiley face. Super hero mask, sun bursts, fireworks, an excruciating ecstasy filled smile. Get where I’m headed with this?

Paul, yes another great redo. This is a huge improvement. Really great work. You took everyone’s advice and made something really funny. All those muscles will look even more freaky in raised embroidery. Killer. Great work! What’s your next entry?

Steve! What a name and what a town/name pairing! You’re like an award winning sommelier for sports logos. This is actually a great illustration of my earlier point on what I think is working and what’s not. Name- 100 points, Wearability of an illustrated fart on a hat-eh. What if this was a dog headed spider, with a spiked collar, and 6 eyes? A barking, snarling, and slobbering beast with 8 legs. Same name, same Pulitzer Prize winning name. Am I making sense? Am I totally off?

Have a killer weekend. How about the reliability of the posts! New website, yeah!


7 thoughts on “Da Super Roid Spiders

  1. In response to the questions at the top, I’d love to have a mid-league rundown. Let us know what’s working and what isn’t, how many entries you’ve received for this league compared to the last two, maybe some front-runners. In another thread we were discussing the exact definition of a “reject”. I know the whole point is to let the mind wander, and that’s what makes this so great, but what is your definition of a “reject”?

  2. Slavo, I love the conquerors. Great Idea and excellent rendering, my only issue is the right front leg, the way the shadow works is bothering my eye. The back leg is fully realized and because the front isnt (probably for size reasons im sure), and it seems like it shoud. Also have you tried maybe making the pole hes holding in his mouth a tad longer as its coming out of his mouth. Awesome job. I too love flags, Casey!

  3. Slavo: Love the design. Suddenly my upcoming rabbit-related entry seems sadly lacking.

    Jonathan: L.A.S.T. ha! Love it … I think it is the perfect amount of over the top right now.

    Paul: Don’t make me have to open this can of whoop ass!

    Steve: I’d like to see some fatter legs or hairy tarantula legs or something, but I had to laugh when I saw that.

  4. Slavo, that is a beautiful rabbit. The thing that would make it funny instead of triumphant is to have rabbits humping. Same Conqueror idea, but … maybe that’s just too gross for a hat.

    Paul- the update works really well. Fantastic improvements.

    Casey- A run down would be terrific. It’s easy to lose sight of the league’s vision and at the end of the process, know what we are really voting for. If we vote for hats that don’t fit with what you’re trying to do, then the idea is muddied.

  5. Slavo- That rabbit is amazing, I love it. My one comment would be that I feel like the mark may be a little too much for a cap (I see this mark as a perfect tee graphic). Have you tried playing with an alt “cap” mark that focuses more on just the rabbit’s head and the flag, so the mark is a little more contained and not so linear? The great thing about a lot of cap marks is that they don’t give everything away, they almost just elude to the bigger picture. I think that this mark, since the rabbit’s head is so nicely done, has the potential to do that.

    I might be the only one who feels this way, and it might just be me wanting to see this thing pushed further, haha…

    And I agree, bigger ears will really set this thing off!

    Good work nonetheless!

  6. Thanks for everyone who put in their two bob on my original Roid’s entry, I thought I was finished but following your advice showed how short of the mark it was.

    LOVE the farting spider, I was working on a concept with a fart gag, wasn’t really working for me – I hope you keep the fart.

    The rabbit is great, but I’ll echo previous suggestions – bigger ears and extend the flag pole coming out of his mouth, it took a moment for me to get that it wasn’t a tooth – make it obvious and this will be nigh on perfect.

    L.A.S.T. great Reject name! I wonder if the story would be funnier if the unfortunate acronym was completely accidental and embarrassing… but then maybe the logo wouldn’t fit.

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