Hammerin Huns Kernel Colonels

Jeff! This is going somewhere, somewhere weird. Great work! I love the twisting effect on the sack of cooked entrails. It’s not an easy task to envision a twisting, swinging stomach. I think your’e on the right track but not quite there anatomically. I still think the viewer gets what’s going on, which is a feat in itself. The expression is great, and I like the lower half of it. It’s a cool start and a cool character. Great start!

Mr Goodman! Love all this. Double one n’ dones. Great work.

Stewart! Big Poppy! That’s the team name, period. I like all the elements here, glasses, stitching. All great. What I’m missing from this is the energy that would be exerted by this guy to make himself pop. I want a I’m exploding my self at will look on his face. Oh, I like that story, like a superhero kinda thing. Little kernel by day, Big Poppy by night. Also, the bottom of the popcorn, the skirt if you will, is a little undefined. I think you need to give it some definition and volume. Great!

Another great one from Stewart! The best mark on this whole page is the Sleeve flag logo with the rifle for a flag pole. That would look great on a hat. Everything else is super solid, just that flag logo is exceptional. The colonel logo is cool too, great sinister expression. Amazing first time out!

Designing a Collaboration Site

Jason and I have been going back and forth with a design for a collaborative site that you guys can just upload your work for immediate feed back. My problem with the whole thing is that it gets so complicated so quickly. We’ve gotten some good suggestions from you guys on the what you’d like to see in a collaborative site. We’d like to formally ask you to give us some ideas for what sorts of things you’d like it to do. Here’s a mock up of part of the site.

Cancer Chile Hood Apes

Site was down again yesterday. Right when we get our momentum going something mucks us up.

Sam and Josh! I like the sound of that. Love you guys working together. I think this is a funny entry and name, and of course Sam did a great design. But I think this is a miss opportunity. Cancer Sticks is great, but I think your audience is limited when it comes to people that want a cigarette on their head. What about sticks (twigs) in the shape of the cancer symbol? No, that is a 69, cheesey. What about in the shape of a crab! Or you could do a European soccer-style crest, could the sticks could be hockey sticks and the cancer be a, um… Well you’ll think of something. Great start!

Eric! Not sure what to make of this entry. The pits? We need to tell more of a story here. Maybe save it for the reboot of the Taco Shop League and hang chiles around it’s neck. Or what if the dog was frozen and had long icicles hanging from it’s mouth like fangs? I think you need to flesh this idea out more. But….

This is a Reject entry. Very cool, very cool execution. A couple things I’d change, simple small things. He should be looking at us, easy. And I’d make it so that the mountain, the hood, and the hat, all sot of blend together. Maybe no white outline? Maybe you put him in a shield or circle shape and put mountains behind him? Serious good entry. Just a little spit polish.

Alright a Skunk Ape-Off! Zach! What a start. Great job, kinda reminds me of the Memphis Grizzlies in style. I like it. And that script is fantastic. I think the whole thing is spot on, but I want to see the skunk stripe more pronounced, more featured. I think you could mistake the stripe for a highlight now and it should share symbolic weight with the ape himself. Maybe it starts wider and heads down to his nose? Does he need a skunk tail coming behind the head? Beautiful start!

All the TSL bits are lining up for our first drop in a couple more weeks. I can barley stand it. Have a great weekend everyone!

The Lost Post

What happened to today’s post? Did you guys see it? Melos, Lowell Cats, piping Plovers, Lepers?

These are the entries, if you guys want me to redo my full crit you can request it. I’ll do an abbreviated version for now. I hope you guys got to see my long version this morning. Have I mentioned how much I hate servers? Hate!!!

Great name, tame down colors, add “LOL” somewhere.

Alternate is an all-star.

Perfect except, why isn’t it on fire?

Amazing, maybe make the head bigger? So we can see more detail/expression?

Doane Paper Daily Arsenal Kit

Stupid servers. My new worst enemy. We’re back, sorry about that.

Check this Daily Arsenal Kit from Doane Paper. We really need to make a Clink kit. Good news Jay, I’m going on a crazy art supply buying spree to find the best tools out there. My credit card is going to be glowing red hot. This kit is inspiring. The Daily Arsenal Kit includes…

Quantity 3 – Large Writing Pad

Quantity 3 – Small Writing Pad

Quantity 3 – Flap Jotter

Quantity 3 – Utility Notebook Black

Quantity 1 – Utility Notebook TL Series

Quantity 1 – Large Idea Journal

Quantity 1 – Small Idea Journal

Quantity 3 – Sharpie Fine Point Pen Black

Quantity 3 – Zebra No. 2 Pencil Black

Shocker Injection Steamer

A couple re-dos and new dos. All good comments from yesterday. Thanks for the feed back. We’re getting together Clink 3.0 and it’ll have instant posts of your work and then I think the blog will just be us pulling our favorites or ones that we think have potential and commenting on them. We also want all three leagues to be running at once. So that if something great comes up in the TSL then we can just go to production. In the next few weeks I think that we’ll have all the past posts categorized and there will be a button on the right hand side where you can go just to see specific Leagues. Gotta get the new store up and running first.

Clay! Done! Great redo, tons of personality. Way to go.

Ryan! Another great redo! Done!

Kevin, of the Taco Bulls, gives us this great start. I don’t normally post work that’s not in the entry format. But I thought this was an inspired start. Can wait to see how you finish it Kevin, great work as always. Oh, and the name, wait for it. Shockers. Nice.

Tom and Kris! Another duo entry, love that. I like the rendering of this entry, and it’s certainly a reject. Two things, I think that the silhouette on the hat is a little awkward. It’s important to consider how it would fit on a hat. I think you’re going for an “I” shape but that can be tough since it’s so simple. Actually, the more I look at it the better that part of it gets. So maybe ignore me. My other comment is that I think it needs an addition to the story. Either the logo should tell a story, the cap is being injected. Or there’s another element to the story, like an incorporation of the Lone Star story, maybe that disc where the plunger meets the glass tube is shaped like a star? What would a western themed needle look like? Great start!

Derek! Glad to have you back in the mix for this League. Alright, great name or greatest name? Seriously. Not sure I’d change anything other than maybe making the “C” brown? Retro Padres colors? Too much? One and done. So done.

Purple Folsom Kilcatherine

Sam! Of SSL infamy. Glad to have you back in the ring. Solid first entry. I have a couple ideas, what if we did a horizontal striped black and white crown with a colored bill? I’ve seen a cap like that, I think Mishka did it and it looked great. Also, could we take this in more of a “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” direction? Maybe color could give us that effect. My other thought is that the composition of this is a little flat. How could we make it more dynamic? Maybe the Ball and chain could be wrapped around an “F”? Maybe the chain could be twisted into an “F”? Something to think about. Great start!

Brendan! Good redo! I like the beveling on the icons in the shamrock and I like the wear on it as well. The shadowing is at a great looming angle, so keep that but I think I’d like to see the colors simplified so that it gives it that etching look that you’d see used in Masonic iconography. Maybe it’s done in all purples? Good job!

And a new entry! Great character, that dog is awesome. I love the complex crest look of soccer logos. I think that the character needs so be bigger and I’d ditch the “KUFC” for the awesome motto across the top instead. Very cool start. What about making the shield shape more iconic/unique?

Our 2010 Minor League Baseball Teams

This year we’ve re-branded or created new brands for 6 teams. Here’s a selection of our favorite cap logos from those teams, one from each team. We’ll be giving you a behind the scenes look at each of these projects over the next few months and we’ll be offering Official-on-field caps of those teams in the store. Click on each of the logos to go to the official team website. If you’re near any of these teams, you should make an effort to go check out their games. They’re all great cities and great operators. A guaranteed good time.

Richmond Flying Squirrels

Everett AquaSox

Mobile BayBears

Lakewood BlueClaws

Delmarva Shorebirds

Wilmington BlueRocks