Kurt’s Chupacabras Now Available!

The Clink Room just produced it’s first cap and T-shirt design in collaboration with its contest winners from around the world.

Last fall, Clinkers submitted an imaginary team name, backstory and cap design for the fictional “Taco Shop League.” The Taco Shop League is inspired by the taco shop food and culture of San Diego, Casey and Jason’s hometown.

The Chupacabras, by Kurt Hunzeker of St. Louis, MO, was voted as a winning design by The Clink Room community. Crafted by Elm Company of Los Angeles, the cap is entirely customized with branded tags, tape, and printed fabrics. The fitted hats also feature a patch/size with a unique design for each size.

Check out all the features…

The Chupacabras cap is the first of many designs The Clink Room will be producing from submissions. Go here to pick up a Chupacabra hat and t-shirt!

Rest In Peace, Dennis Hopper

Jason and I went to Helix High School in La Mesa, California. It was a great school, a power house for sports (Reggie Bush and Bill Walton are both alumni), with great teachers, and a beautiful diversity. When I was a student, athletes like Bill Walton we’re my inspiration. If they could do it, I could do it. But as I moved from being an college athlete to an art school junkie, I looked towards a new person from my hometown for inspiration.

Dennis Hopper was brazen, multi-talented, and uniquely opinionated. He worked in any and all media that was inspiring to him and traveled the World exploring those mediums. We walked the same hallways as teenagers, how could I not be inspired. I’ve had a long standing fantasy of meeting him at a gallery opening in Chelsea and telling him that I went to the same High School as him and we’d at least have something small in common to get us past the basic, “I love your work.”, “Thanks.”, conversation.

It’s a sad day. Thank you Mr. Hopper for all your inspiring work.

Size Patches!

One of the coolest features of these new Clink branded hats is the size sticker/patches. Each size patch features a unique design, silver metallic thread and is fully embroidered. It can live forever on your hat or be applied to your favorite backpack or jacket. We think it’s a special feature that everyone’s gunna get into.

And, in the spirit of this project we call the Clink Room, the idea came from one of you guys! Thanks to Slay for the idea! He’ll definitely be getting hooked up with a bunch of free stuff to thank him for the idea. If you guys have any ideas to make Clink better shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

Pine Cyclops Bloodsucker Seagulls

LAST CALL! Get those last submission in by tonight. If you just had your entry posted in the last couple days and want to do a revision this weekend that’s fine too. We’ll give those guys an extra day or two to make changes.

Stewart! Great redo. I think I’d make that swoop more “C” like would be a good call. But you could submit as is and get your point across. That dripping “C” has new meaning with the oil leak in the gulf going on. That whole mess down there is so depressing. Back on track, great entry! And a killer name!

Derek! Simple, simple, simple. I love this. You got a great emotion out of the eye. Very impressed. One n’ done for Derek’s heavy hitter.

Ryan! Both of these marks are stellar. That baseball with bite marks is genious. If this team gets made, there’s your shirt right there. But lets not ignore that bat. Really beautiful. 2 thoughts, I want him looking at us. It kinda looks like he’s looking down. And the lower teeth, you have all this extra space down there. Lets see him open wide, I wanna be scared by this guy. Epic entry! It’s going to be a big contender.

David! Another great entry. I would love to name a real team the Seagulls. And this mark is great. I’d change two things. Ditch the ball, and lets put that wing in a more majestic position. Look at the wings we did for the Lakeland Flying Tigers. And then look at Air Force patches and pins. Let give this Seagull the badassery that it deserves. Great entry!

Have a kick-ass weekend! Next week is going to be a big week in the history of Clink. We’re excited to have you guys all here on the ground floor.

Sarasota J’Gators

We’re almost there, winding down the number of entries, about to vote. Uhhhh, I can smell it.

Derek! I don’t remember what my comments were last time but this looks better I think. It’s a cool idea to put the logo off centered on the front panel like that. Jason and I were actually the first guys to design an off-center Official On-Field cap for the Fresno Grizzlies. They got new owners and changed the identity. Maybe our only failure in branding a team. I thought the hat looked great, oh well. Sorry Derek back Skunk Apes, I think that the main thing that you have going for you here is the silhouette concept. I’d extend that into the plant everything. As is I’m worried that it feels like it could be in the same family as Chupacabras. I really think that you could take this in a completely new direction but for now it’s too similar. A couple days to offer a revision! Lets see it.

Matt! Epic reentry. I think that you could probably loose the dashed line and it would still feel like he’s jay walking. Not sure what you did to the character but you nailed it. Great work!

Tom! The shaded face is gold. That tail has really grown on me. The gator and drain cover are gorgeous. One change, he should be looking at us! Shifty eyes and all! Super badass.

One N’ Done: Archandroid

The new album by Janelle Monae, Archandroid, just came out and is so great and weird I had to give a quick mention. Normally I have to sit with a new album for months. It’s just too hard for me to tell if I’ll like it or not. I guess there is still a chance of me falling out of love with this one but I wouldn’t bet on it. It’s so sprawling, so epic, so strange an mesmerizing that I’m already in love.

Edible Idiot Whales

DB! Two new entries. Nice. Really like where these ideas are headed. The pizza’s cool and all but I’m going to play favorites and pick the spring roll as the winner of this duo. Lets work on him. Really strong concept. I feel like we should give it more. What about a bite out of the bottom instead of the side? And then you could have strands of carrot or cabbage coming out the bottom as legs. I kind want him to have more action to his pose. Like he’s going to karate chop the hell out of something. Maybe a fortune from a fortune cookie wrapped around his head like a karate guy(?) would have. Something else to tell the story and more expression. Shouldn’t he be welding a sushi knife like a samurai sword? Scratch the carrot leg idea and go for the chop sticks as legs. Really cool idea, lets see a redo!

Juce! Dope homage. Very solidly rendered. Ton’s of expression. Really great. While I love the San Jose Sharks logo I think that we could make this a little more different. That triangle shape is great but what i it was something else? Could we use North-West Native American art imagery? I love the Seahawks logo for that reason? I’m flattered by the inclusion of the pencil. Not sure where I stand on it. I guess it fits and it’s Clink-esque. Never thought that the Clink imagery would become apart of these team’s stories. You threw me a conceptual curveball on this one. What do you guys think? It would be dope if it was a baseball bat, could it be something else? A harpoon?

Our First T-Shirt!

With every hat design that wins we’re going to produce a matching tee. Something to help expand your team’s universe. With the Chupacabras, we just ran with it ourselves, but we want to work with you guys to make your team something you can be proud of. We weren’t lying when we said that you would be collaborating with us. And of course you get the royalties on the T-shirt sales as well! Support Clink and our artists with every grab.

Send us your name and email in the “Send me Sneak Peaks” area on the left here and we’ll get you more info about the Chupacabra drop! Seriously, I haven’t been this excited since I was 8 years old on Christmas Eve. I hope you guys are having as much fun with this as we are.

Kansas City Golden Conqueror Saucers

Jeff! A redo and a newdo. Nice! I think that this is a cool entry, one of the coolest from out of your camp. I’d make the grill marks taper off, but you get the point with this rendering. Well done.

And this new piece is cool too. Not sure if you played off the previous Australian entry but I like it. It reminds me of the style of the Old Boston Whalers logo. While the AF is a stronger mark as-is. The ardvark has potnetial. Maybe it shouldn’t be an ardvark, maybe it should be an elephant, kind starting to look like one right? Or mabe it’s just the green and yellow colorway reminds me of the A’s. I say turn this into an elephant and you have yourself a winner. Keep it blocky. Great thinking, this is an ambitious style for anyone to attempt. I think you can make it work.

Slavo! More Aussie love. I think this is a good redo, I still want to see those ears longer, everything else is perfect. Can you get that to us by the end of the week?

Ryan! Again those alternate marks are the jam. That saucer on a hat would be great. What can we do to make that saucer more iconic? Baseball dome might be too obvious. What about a ship made out baseball gear? An open glove is the saucer, make the ball bigger. That’s why all the original Star Wars ships are so great, cause they made them out of junk that was just lying around. Great entry!

Marina Abramović: Portraits

The performance artist, Marina Abramović (The Artist Is Present) has just completed a series of sits at the Moma. While performance art can be a confusing and a seemingly convoluted exercise. I think that’s exactly why it’s interesting. And even more interesting, to my taste, is this Flickr pool that Moma has created, with the help of photographer Marco Anelli, of all the faces that sat across from Ms. Abramović. If I was to ever do a comic book, or illustrate a children’s book and needed a great face reference guide, this is as good as anything you’ll find. Lots of people weeping, lots of celebrities in there too, if that revs your engine.

Check out the photos here…