Kansas City Golden Conqueror Saucers

Jeff! A redo and a newdo. Nice! I think that this is a cool entry, one of the coolest from out of your camp. I’d make the grill marks taper off, but you get the point with this rendering. Well done.

And this new piece is cool too. Not sure if you played off the previous Australian entry but I like it. It reminds me of the style of the Old Boston Whalers logo. While the AF is a stronger mark as-is. The ardvark has potnetial. Maybe it shouldn’t be an ardvark, maybe it should be an elephant, kind starting to look like one right? Or mabe it’s just the green and yellow colorway reminds me of the A’s. I say turn this into an elephant and you have yourself a winner. Keep it blocky. Great thinking, this is an ambitious style for anyone to attempt. I think you can make it work.

Slavo! More Aussie love. I think this is a good redo, I still want to see those ears longer, everything else is perfect. Can you get that to us by the end of the week?

Ryan! Again those alternate marks are the jam. That saucer on a hat would be great. What can we do to make that saucer more iconic? Baseball dome might be too obvious. What about a ship made out baseball gear? An open glove is the saucer, make the ball bigger. That’s why all the original Star Wars ships are so great, cause they made them out of junk that was just lying around. Great entry!


11 thoughts on “Kansas City Golden Conqueror Saucers

  1. Jeff, the latest KC entry could go well for a team called “Meat”.

    Ryan, there is a minor league team called the Las Vegas 51s with an alien theme, but the two styles do vary quite a bit. The ball being scooped up by the saucer is cool.

  2. Ryan. the alternate mark is the way to go, maybe add an alien with a fitted to the UFO? really like the colorway too.

  3. I personally liked the previous KC branding iron version better without the grill marks, but you have to “make the client happy” in this case that was Casey.

    Slavo, the am really liking this redo, although I already liked it. I had forgotten your back story, but it’s funny we end up with dueling Aussie based designs on the same day.

    Ryan: Dig that alt logo bringing up the baseball with the tractor beam.

    SO MUCH GREAT COMPETITION … Either we’re going to have 20+ hats produced from this batch, or a BUNCH of bummed out designers. Any count Casey on how many designs we’ve had and how many more still to come? It has to be way more than either of the last two contests.

  4. For anyone else who is curious … after asking the question I needed to know, so I spent my lunch hour going back through entries and listed all the designs. There have been a total of 113 different designs by 64 designers to this point with Derek Reese and Kevin Werther getting the first two entries in back on March 20th (and for once I don’t have the most entries.)

    Still don’t know how that leaves us waiting on … but I’m guessing we’ll end up with at least 125 designs in the end.

  5. Jeff, I like the branding idea but I think what you really need is to make the mark really look like its burned and seared into the hat. Take a look at some branding marks, because what this needs is a charred and uneveness to it – its way too clean looking. I feel like I want to be able to smell this when I see it lol – I think you will have it once you get some good reference material to go on.

    Conquerors made the necessary changes, very nice – although yes, I agree that the ears should be longer, exaggerate them a bit if need be.

    Saucers is nice. I think the alternate is better and the tractor beam with the ball is great, love it – But i would enlarge the ball a lot more and simplify the shines on the body of the ship. I like this one.

  6. I agree the burn marks are way too uniform…

    Gonna give a last shot at just the mark (no grill marks, sorry Casey) before Friday at the deadline…

    Maybe add some browns to the black? I don’t know. I like the simplicity of the KC circle and threads. Maybe a small flame coming off it? I don’t know. I think I try too hard to get better, and just end up being lame…

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