Edible Idiot Whales

DB! Two new entries. Nice. Really like where these ideas are headed. The pizza’s cool and all but I’m going to play favorites and pick the spring roll as the winner of this duo. Lets work on him. Really strong concept. I feel like we should give it more. What about a bite out of the bottom instead of the side? And then you could have strands of carrot or cabbage coming out the bottom as legs. I kind want him to have more action to his pose. Like he’s going to karate chop the hell out of something. Maybe a fortune from a fortune cookie wrapped around his head like a karate guy(?) would have. Something else to tell the story and more expression. Shouldn’t he be welding a sushi knife like a samurai sword? Scratch the carrot leg idea and go for the chop sticks as legs. Really cool idea, lets see a redo!

Juce! Dope homage. Very solidly rendered. Ton’s of expression. Really great. While I love the San Jose Sharks logo I think that we could make this a little more different. That triangle shape is great but what i it was something else? Could we use North-West Native American art imagery? I love the Seahawks logo for that reason? I’m flattered by the inclusion of the pencil. Not sure where I stand on it. I guess it fits and it’s Clink-esque. Never thought that the Clink imagery would become apart of these team’s stories. You threw me a conceptual curveball on this one. What do you guys think? It would be dope if it was a baseball bat, could it be something else? A harpoon?


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