Sarasota J’Gators

We’re almost there, winding down the number of entries, about to vote. Uhhhh, I can smell it.

Derek! I don’t remember what my comments were last time but this looks better I think. It’s a cool idea to put the logo off centered on the front panel like that. Jason and I were actually the first guys to design an off-center Official On-Field cap for the Fresno Grizzlies. They got new owners and changed the identity. Maybe our only failure in branding a team. I thought the hat looked great, oh well. Sorry Derek back Skunk Apes, I think that the main thing that you have going for you here is the silhouette concept. I’d extend that into the plant everything. As is I’m worried that it feels like it could be in the same family as Chupacabras. I really think that you could take this in a completely new direction but for now it’s too similar. A couple days to offer a revision! Lets see it.

Matt! Epic reentry. I think that you could probably loose the dashed line and it would still feel like he’s jay walking. Not sure what you did to the character but you nailed it. Great work!

Tom! The shaded face is gold. That tail has really grown on me. The gator and drain cover are gorgeous. One change, he should be looking at us! Shifty eyes and all! Super badass.


6 thoughts on “Sarasota J’Gators

  1. All improvements!

    I like the off center skunk ape, I would agree that something needs to be done with the plant, its distracting the way its handled right now. I think maybe because its so static? If the plant curved a bit, it might look more plant like. Go with Caseys idea.

    J. Walkers is really nicely rendered, and colors work well. I actually like the dashed line, it really adds to it. For some reason I wish he was either dressed more contemporary or dressed in early 1900s normal clothing rather than baseball attire. The reason being is I immediately associate it with the Reds although I understand that you are playing off that…Anyway love the expression, great clean look.

    Yeah, Gators works better now that hes more under the cover, this makes the shadow so much more important and sharp. The fact that it puts his eyes in shadow is key. I still wish his eyes were gold though – Casey makes a good point with the eyes looking at the viewer.
    lol I dont think you will ever stop hearing about the tail though. Maybe that can be on a t-shirt if this one makes it. Nice Job.

  2. At first i wasnt a fan of the J’Walkers. I just didnt really dig the olde style illustration and the close resemblance to the Reds. But looking at it now, something has changed. It might be just the fact that i looked at it ON the hat for the first time. I think too often we just look at the logo, instead of the whole package. Anyway, I only wear solid colored hats so it appeals to me (was it a solid black hat before?).

    As i look at it, it gives me the same feel as Mr. Met, which i like. Ive got to say, after this revision, this is one of the few entries that i think i would actually wear in the real world. I like a bunch of other entries, just as far as the logo/rendering, but this really works for me as a hat to really wear. Well done.

  3. I actually like the dashed line in the J’Walkers, as it more communicates “street” to me, especially on a black or grey cap.

    Glad the gator further in the sewer worked out. As for the sewer cover+tail, well, the deadline is tomorrow, so there’s no time, unfortunately. Tell you what: If I get to the next round or finals or whatever, I’ll do that up no problem! It’ll be a mark to add to the identity. Might look good on the back of a shirt.

    I updated my Milwaukee Milkers to have the bats+crown, and changed the colors on the Las Vegas Pros. (Sent 5/19. Casey, get those?) So I’m listening to y’all.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys! As for the plants on my entry, I was going for the look of the scrub palmetto palm that is in the photo. They have straight leaves. I think it really helps connects the beast and team identity to the local area, as any other generic plant would make it more of a run of the mill bigfoot(if there is such a thing).

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