Pine Cyclops Bloodsucker Seagulls

LAST CALL! Get those last submission in by tonight. If you just had your entry posted in the last couple days and want to do a revision this weekend that’s fine too. We’ll give those guys an extra day or two to make changes.

Stewart! Great redo. I think I’d make that swoop more “C” like would be a good call. But you could submit as is and get your point across. That dripping “C” has new meaning with the oil leak in the gulf going on. That whole mess down there is so depressing. Back on track, great entry! And a killer name!

Derek! Simple, simple, simple. I love this. You got a great emotion out of the eye. Very impressed. One n’ done for Derek’s heavy hitter.

Ryan! Both of these marks are stellar. That baseball with bite marks is genious. If this team gets made, there’s your shirt right there. But lets not ignore that bat. Really beautiful. 2 thoughts, I want him looking at us. It kinda looks like he’s looking down. And the lower teeth, you have all this extra space down there. Lets see him open wide, I wanna be scared by this guy. Epic entry! It’s going to be a big contender.

David! Another great entry. I would love to name a real team the Seagulls. And this mark is great. I’d change two things. Ditch the ball, and lets put that wing in a more majestic position. Look at the wings we did for the Lakeland Flying Tigers. And then look at Air Force patches and pins. Let give this Seagull the badassery that it deserves. Great entry!

Have a kick-ass weekend! Next week is going to be a big week in the history of Clink. We’re excited to have you guys all here on the ground floor.


13 thoughts on “Pine Cyclops Bloodsucker Seagulls

  1. – I think I like the Dripping C logo for the Columbus hat, rather than the bat.
    – I love the simplicity of the Cyclops. It does evoke some emotion and I think the color scheme works well with the idea here. That could be a great shirt logo, maybe even reverse the black and purple and use it on a black hat or shirt. Or try it with glow in the dark thread.
    – On the Bloodsuckers, I’d like to see the ball w/ bite marks as a logo by itself. Great idea there. I also like the rendering of the “B”.
    – What is the seagull were flipped and was rendered in more of an “S” shape?

  2. The Bloodsuckers is dope. I think the bat would look better on the hat without the red outline, it would look like it was coming out of it’s cave and all you could see was the highlights.

    Cyclops is rad, and I like the seagull head, not so much the wing.

  3. I agree that the “C” is the stronger mark, it really conveys that sticky filthy pine tar feel to it. I love the colors going on here.

    Derek comes through with another fresh purple concept yet again. I think you got one here, hopefully. Sharp and simple. Nice color combos. You make the purple hats wearable to me – normally I wouldnt wear em. Nice

    The bloodsuckers “B” is awesome but there needs to be more emphasis on the punctured ball, thats what will set it off. The Main logos mouth is a tiny bit off. I think the B is great with the simple red/black scheme with the grey highlight. Nice. I would really like to see a nice bloodsuckers script – looks like that might be really sharp.

    Seagulls is a cool idea because people look at them as more of a nuisance. I also like the face but agree the wing isnt working well. I like Caseys idea of making it look rather majestic and really playing off the perception of the bird.

  4. Thanks for the compliments guys.

    Clay – that is bizzare, never seen that before. pretty much same colors and everything!?!

    T.J.- thanks for the good words. i’m not a purple guy either, the last 2 hats just felt right with it.

  5. I looked up the purple trucker cap with the eye and this one is lots better. I’ll let others argue about if it’s too close overall. Maybe with a different color scheme any comparisons would end.I also saw an Austin Bats hat on Frank 151, but this one is even more different. I don’t see any comparisons at all. It’s cool.

  6. Dont switch the colors, thats why its amazing… i seriously want a hat with that on it, and im not a hat person. :)

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