Size Patches!

One of the coolest features of these new Clink branded hats is the size sticker/patches. Each size patch features a unique design, silver metallic thread and is fully embroidered. It can live forever on your hat or be applied to your favorite backpack or jacket. We think it’s a special feature that everyone’s gunna get into.

And, in the spirit of this project we call the Clink Room, the idea came from one of you guys! Thanks to Slay for the idea! He’ll definitely be getting hooked up with a bunch of free stuff to thank him for the idea. If you guys have any ideas to make Clink better shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you.


8 thoughts on “Size Patches!

  1. Wow, great idea Slay. That is definitely something Ive never seen on a fitted before. I always take the sticker off but now that its a patch, I might just leave it on. Cork underbills, size patches… cant wait to see what is gonna be next – Clink=Innovation!

    Also are these releases gonna be part of the 150 club?

  2. The Clink patches are cool, but if they turn out to be something people pull off (as I or Chris would do), keep the design, just make them stickers instead. Probably save on costs, too.

    Overall, as a special touch and attention-getter, the patch/sticker idea is a good one.

  3. Very nice touch, love it!
    But i’m also one of those people who take the sticker off the caps.
    This design would be cool as well as a sizing indication on t-shirts as well, maybe small print on the sleeve or on the back.

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