Rest In Peace, Dennis Hopper

Jason and I went to Helix High School in La Mesa, California. It was a great school, a power house for sports (Reggie Bush and Bill Walton are both alumni), with great teachers, and a beautiful diversity. When I was a student, athletes like Bill Walton we’re my inspiration. If they could do it, I could do it. But as I moved from being an college athlete to an art school junkie, I looked towards a new person from my hometown for inspiration.

Dennis Hopper was brazen, multi-talented, and uniquely opinionated. He worked in any and all media that was inspiring to him and traveled the World exploring those mediums. We walked the same hallways as teenagers, how could I not be inspired. I’ve had a long standing fantasy of meeting him at a gallery opening in Chelsea and telling him that I went to the same High School as him and we’d at least have something small in common to get us past the basic, “I love your work.”, “Thanks.”, conversation.

It’s a sad day. Thank you Mr. Hopper for all your inspiring work.


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