Kurt’s Chupacabras Now Available!

The Clink Room just produced it’s first cap and T-shirt design in collaboration with its contest winners from around the world.

Last fall, Clinkers submitted an imaginary team name, backstory and cap design for the fictional “Taco Shop League.” The Taco Shop League is inspired by the taco shop food and culture of San Diego, Casey and Jason’s hometown.

The Chupacabras, by Kurt Hunzeker of St. Louis, MO, was voted as a winning design by The Clink Room community. Crafted by Elm Company of Los Angeles, the cap is entirely customized with branded tags, tape, and printed fabrics. The fitted hats also feature a patch/size with a unique design for each size.

Check out all the features…

The Chupacabras cap is the first of many designs The Clink Room will be producing from submissions. Go here to pick up a Chupacabra hat and t-shirt!


12 thoughts on “Kurt’s Chupacabras Now Available!

  1. Yo this is so HOT! lol please do youtube things for each release! It really shows off all the cool features and it looks so cool. I like all the effects in the video. Also the individual designs on all the different size patches is freakin sick! GREAT JOB GUYS! Im bout to go cop one!

  2. Thanks, everyone; even poor Drew Hunziker and his goofy last name.

    I wore mine all weekend; directed eight people to The Clink Room to buy one. Couldn’t possibly be happier with the feedback. I greatly, greatly appreciate it.

  3. If one size fits like the size above it, why not just label it the bigger size? Is it different material than what NE is using or just one of those differences from one brand to another?

  4. This was listed on Strictly Fitteds, which is good pub. It’s only been on the market for a couple days, but I hope the sales are comin’ in. I’m sure they’ve already sold a handful.

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