Punk BarFly Sailor Barbarians

Last week to get your entry in! Ready, go!

Chris! Great redo! Great expression. You got all the elements that I wanted in there. This is going to be a tough competitor! Done!

Brendan! Anther expression nailed. Norm crossed with a fly crossed with a drunk cartoon from the 40s. Have you watched any of those old cartoons were the characters are getting drunk? Disney did it pretty regularly. Crazy. Basket ball eye is an epic call. My one thought is that it would be nice to not have him have to be in a circle. Just flying maybe? I don’t think you need the bar. Great name! Really great!

Jonathan! Classic! Love that you kept it simple. It needs something else. Like a “C” worked into the wheel. The style is cool. It feels hand drawn. Try to keep that in the “C” if you resubmit. What else could we add? I don’t know Chicago well. Only been there once or twice. It needs another Chicago element worked in there. Great start!

Jack! First guy to color the background paper! I like it when you guy make the entry form your own. It need to stick to the format a little for posting purposes but decorating the hell out of it is great. I like all the marks. Especially that weapons in the wordmark. A big collection of bad ass weapons with a helmet in the middle would be a cool logo. I like the dude and the arm. The dude’s helmet needs to have baseball threads on it right? Another great expression on a face. Great work!

Last Call! Entries in by Friday the 28th

Last call for entries! You have one week from today to get us a new or revised entry. That’s Friday, May 28th. Here’s all the info you’ll need…

Nai over at Strictly Fitteds, came up with the idea for the Rejects League and we think it’s great. Really let you guys roam free.

This is how it’ll work: You guys will name your team and design your own cap logos. We will all comment on our favorite designs. We’ll then pick the concepts with the best story, team name, and design.

This is what you’ll get if your team is picked to be apart of the League…

• You’ll have your cap produced.

• You’ll receive 10 caps for you and your friends.

• And, for every set of 144 caps that we produce with your design on it, you’ll receive $250! When we reorder, boom another $250 bucks.

Name your team: Name it whatever sounds fun to you. This League is about Rejected Team names. So it could be straight forward…the Sloths, a little wierd for a real team, could make an awesome logo. Or, It could be just pure absurdity, the Speed Sloths. The more clever the better. Don’t be afraid to get goofy. Don’t plagiarize. Don’t use the names of real teams, don’t plagiarize existing designs.

Tell the story: We love a good story, everyone does! So tell your team’s story. Show some research, show sketches, show inspiration, give your design context.

Design: Just design a cap mark. Maybe a couple supporting marks would better sell the idea to other Clinkers, but it’s not necessary.

Here are some design tips that we recommend…

• Keep it simple, it has to be stitched small on a cap. Hint: Jason uses thick stroke weights!

• Use icons, it doesn’t have to be a full body of a bear to know it’s the bears.

• Limit yourself to 6 colors max. No gradients.

•Keep it completely original. No use of existing trademarks.

• AND have fun, keep the crits positive.

In the Entry Form folder you’ll find a template for you to submit your team’s story and design. USE THE TEMPLATE. Adobe Illustrator is our preference, but we’ll try to work with you if you don’t know it. You will also find the thread and fabric color swatches for production. The colors appear differently in Illustrator than they do it real life, just approximate. And remember…

• Use the templates.
• Keep your artwork in vectored format.
• Save as .AI or .PDF preferably
• E-mail to TheClinkRoom@PlanBBranding.com Casey & Jason
• Please put “REJECTS LEAGUE” in the subject line of your email.

Legal Bits: If your design is chosen for production, you will be presented a contract granting Plan B. Branding the rights to the design. In order for the cap to be produced you will have to sign the contract and return it to Plan B. Plan B. has the right to reject any submissions. The designer will receive a $250.00 designer fee for every 144 caps produced. The designer will receive a designer fee equal to 5% of the wholesale cost for other products created with the design, i.e. T-shirts, jerseys, etc.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to hit us up here…

Email Casey & Jason

Brooklyn Naked Cursed Biceps

Kevin! Taco Bulls are a commin’ I can hear the thundering heard now. What a great redo. Stellar entry.

Paul! Yes! This is a Reject. First off that NM is gross, great work! I like the rendering of this guy. The color scheme is kinda perfect although I’d like to see how we can take a pink logo and make it have a little more appeal. BUt for the sake of this contest I think you’re good. The only thing I’d change is that I want more symbols of blindness. Maybe he’s using one of those white and red canes as a bat? OH MAN, the word mark for the jersey is in brail! Has to happen. We’ll print it on shirts in puff paint. Great start!

Ryan! Really like this redo as well. Done! Great work.

Efra! What a beauty this entry is. I could see this done in raised embroidery and it looking like it was carved on the hat. Great job. The only thing I’d like to add is maybe a baseball stitching-esque pattern worked into the mask some how. Or what about something that played up the curse story. Not sure what to use. Maybe Xs for eyes? Being dead is a curse right? Spectacular entry, one of my favorites so far.

One Legged Spayed Butcher Rats

Nathan! I thought that we’d get more out-a-left-field concepts like this. Great work. Love the rendering style of this as well. The only beef I have with this design is the arms. I want the bat out in front of him and his right arm sticking out from behind. Otherwise a completely awesome entry.

Scott and Jeffe! Love those collaborations. That bottom steak is great. Not sure it works on a hat but it’s nice as a graphic. The etched blades are right on target. Exactly what it needed. Great reentry! The branding iron is cool as a concept. Maybe just a black logo on an all red hat with grill marks! Submit that please!

Eric! Great reentry. This is a really solid concept and design. You should be proud of this. Great work!

Clay! Looks like a Minor League classic to me. Love the colorway, the expression, the different relationship of the name to the story elements. One n’ done. Epic!

Threshers Official On-Field

The Clearwater Threshers hold a special place in our hearts. It was our first team that we renamed, worked with them to get their new ballpark running, and became good friends with I also think it’s one of our designs that has a shot of being a classic of Minor League Baseball.

Here’s a photo that I shot (I think on 35mm!) featuring Hall-of-Famer Mike Schmidt in our uniform. He was the manager of the team for the first year.

Grab the Official On-Field here…

Orange Iron RockaCangrejos

Corey! This whole thing is hilarious. Two favorite parts, the glowing “County” and the lips on that bad boy. I wonder if you could get the hat made like the one in the rendering? Maybe stitch it together with yarn and burlap. Like a few of our entries this time around, the rendering is crude but there is a charm to that. I wouldn’t change much about the ape, but I think you need an orange reference in there. Something other than the color. Great name, great start.

Sean! We’ve had a couple doping scandal entries, interesting. I think everyone in baseball’s trying to move but I guess it’s still top of mind for fans. The syringe is brilliantly rendered. And the “B” is cool. But for a really great mark, take that syringe and add it to the asterisk as one of the cross bars. THAT’S a logo. Great job!

Eric! Text is too small, maybe you can publish it in the comments? This is a great entry. I love that you went with a sepia color pallet. The Little Rock Rockabillies rolls off the tongue so nice. It’s certainly and one n’ done. But I think you could spin this idea in a couple ways that might make it more Rejecty and compelling. I think a big toothy grin on this guy would look great, and him looking at the viewer, especially with those classic Ray-Bans on would be great. You’d also get the more interesting silhouette from his horns. We need him chewing a tin can right? Love the baseball bat Guitar.

D! This made me laugh. It’s like a Cartman and crab lovechild. I love the logo on the logo on the logo. Look, it’s crude, it’s simple, but it’s also kinda awesome. I would offer the same advice to you that I offered to Eric above. Maybe think about other ways to theme it up, is he at the beach making sand castles? Maybe he’s sitting in the middle of a sand castle that looks like a ballpark? Awesome!

Johnny Cupcakes & Steve Smith

A couple appearances for Clink and Plan B. I always love to see our work in a context outside of our studios and the ballpark. Although it kicks ass to see your stuff all over a ballpark.

I had never heard of Johnny Cupcakes until word of his Suit Case Tour began emerging on the web-o-blog-sherical. Jason and I are very impressed with how he runs his scene. Johnny and his crew are doing a video for each stop on their tour, a very well produced video, and that’s where one of our pieces shows up. What’s really cool is that our cork bill is the only thing that makes an appearance and that’s enough to know who’s cap it is. And just to make it even cooler, the hat is worn by our very own 150 Club Member Billy (#29). Thanks to Ryan Wantland!

That same day we received another email, from a different Ryan. Pointing us towards this photo of Steve Smith, Wide Receiver for the Carolina Panthers, sporting a Syracuse Chiefs hat court-side. Thanks Ryan Connelly!

Photo via Sports Illustrated