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The Reject League vote is finally here. Finally. Anyone can vote, so get to it! We want it to be known that the while the vote is important, the final decision will be made by Jason, Nai (of Strictly Fitteds, the unofficial commissioner of the Rejects League) and myself.

Here’s how it’s going to work…

• Download the PDF Ballot (About 23MB).

• When you’re ready to vote, send your email to Reject League Votes. (

• IMPORTANT: The subject of your email must read “REJECT LEAGUE VOTE” in order for your vote to count.

• If you submitted a design, you get 5 votes. The order doesn’t matter. It should look something like this…


• If you didn’t submit a design you get 3 votes. Your email should look something like this…


• Voting ends on Tuesday night June 22nd.

• Winners will be announced by the end of next week.

Hot damn I’m excited. Jay and I will be traveling for the rest of the week. So we will let this post remain at the top of the blog until we get back. Good luck to everyone. Have a great rest of your week and weekend.


29 thoughts on “Reject League Vote

  1. Voted, and boy was it tough! There are so many f’ing great designs in this contest. I don’t feel so confident about my chances! I apologize to the creator of #29. It just missed my cut, and it absolutely kills me to not have voted for it. This will be a tough balance of having that “reject” feel and being a wearable hat. I hope others have an easier time voting than I did!

  2. wow, this is hard seeing all of them together! There’s about 10 that stand out to me, and how i am going to narrow that down to 5 i have no idea…

  3. No team names? Oh well.

    I run the risk of having votes for my Mosquitos hats cancel each other out. They are 122 and 123. The one with the helmet is what I would have picked to show. Can these be counted together? This is also true of the Chicago Shockers and Cleveland Steamers. I could see the Steamers splitting a vote only due to color preferences while the overall design appeals to many.

    Anyway, this is exciting. Best o’ luck!

  4. yeah i wish team names were represented. Some team names really boost the creative aspect of the overall design. Regardless, the winners of this are going to be stellar.

  5. Looks like the Roadkill is on there twice. (117 and 135). Unless there is a subtle difference i didnt notice.

    Anyway, just voted. My picks differed a lot from the logos i liked, strictly as logos, compared to what i thought would be a hat i would actually wear.

    Was a tough vote.

  6. there is a difference between #9 on the ballot and the way it originally appeared. the ballot has some weird half circle drawn through it. this is not how it is meant to be.

  7. Narrowed to 12 and haven’t a clue how to get it down to five. I actually think it’s a good idea to have left off the names and stories – helps to start to view it as a potential consumer and whether the design will hold up on its own. There were a couple of logos that I thought were stunning when submitted but have diminished due to colorway or lack of context; some that didn’t catch my eye initially that I can now easily picture on the marketplace.

    Just an awesome body of work. Great community effort.

  8. Ben, you had 7 or 8 entries, so your ballot should be easy. lol. I had a few entries, myself.

    Jamie makes an interesting point about context when you see these in the PDF. So different. I’ve been doing some agonizing over them, like lots of you.

  9. I just noticed that the sample ballot of 5 votes for #6 twice.

    Although I intend on voting for 5 different caps, is voting for the same cap twice acceptable?

  10. I printed out a line sheet and put checks by my faves, kinda like a buyer. I’m flipping back and forth trying to get down to 5. This is fun tho!

    But how important are votes from the public? When you said “final decision will be made by Jason, Nai, and myself” it made it seem like y’all were some sort of Electoral College! It’d be cool if you could explain the voting process formula.

    Jason 30%
    Nai 30%
    Casey 30%
    Voters 10%

  11. Yeah this is extremely difficult to narrow down 5. Just too many interesting and well rendered entries here.
    I think our voting will be a guide, but the three judges probably have in their mind which ones will make the cut. With that said, if the past leagues are any indication, there will be at least 8. I wish we could have voted on 8 rather than 5, I would have felt better about it. Nice job everyone!

  12. I had a tough time picking just 5. Great work by everyone!

    Errors on two of my entries #33 and #35(the Conchs). The cap colors are wrong(one should be navy with a yellow brim and one the opposite) and some of the colors on the logos themselves are wrong. Ah the mysteries of the PDF.

  13. Well I thought it would take me until the deadline to narrow it down, but when I got home last night and my cable and internet were both not working I had a little time on my hands. Finally by 10:30 I had it narrowed down, but managed to leave out 15-20 well deserving rejects in the process. Congrats to everyone on some terrific work, and thanks to Casey and Jason for doing what they do!

  14. What I did was just select and copy from the ballot and go into photoshop and put all of my faves in there and narrow it down that way. The sheer number of entries is daunting…

  15. Man this was tough. There are so many caps that are worthy of being produced. What I did was, I went back and read the stories on almost all the caps to refresh my memory and picked the 20 that I thought truly captured the essence of the rejects league (because that’s really important in my opinion). Then from those 20, I picked the top five that I could honestly see myself buying and wearing. I also tried to vary the aesthetics as much as possible too, to give the league some variety. It was real hard. I think all of us who entered should be really proud of the body of work that was put together on this league. Now I’m just really excited to see which ones make the cut!

  16. I hope they tell us how many people voted at the end. 100? Low hundreds? Mid hundreds? I keep trying to think of how you’d tabulate these best. (That’s the nerd in me.) Yes, ultimately it’s their choice, but I am still (dorkily) curious.

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