Reject League Winners – Round 1

What a great turnout. We had almost 350 people download the ballot and submit their vote. This was a tough decision. Really tough. You guys are amazing designers. And even if your design wasn’t chosen, we are so impressed with all of your talent and effort.

Alright, this is how we’re going to unveil the winners. For the next two days we will unveil the 8 teams that we are going to draft as our first members of the Reject League. 4 today, then 4 more tomorrow. On Friday, we’ll unveil the production order.

THESE ARE NOT IN WINNING ORDER. The order of production will be revealed on Friday!


This was a stand out from the get-go. Beautifully rendered, captures the spirit of the Reject League, and a very cool design. Great job T.J.! The t-shirt will be fun to dream up for this one.


I think this nails the spirit of the Reject League. A great simple design and tells a great story. I have a few things that I’d like to tweak with design, giving it even more mystery, but it’s a fantastic entry. Great Tom!


This is one of those entries that’s a hidden gem. While the shield is a solid design, we think it’s unnecessary for a hat logo. BUT, that basketball! That is gorgeous. Throw a cleaver in there and you have a classic on your hands. Ben, it’ll be fun tweaking this with you to get it perfect. Great work!


A stellar design from Jason on this and what a story. For this one we’re going to do something a little different. We are going to donate 100% of the profits from the sale of this guy to a charity that will help with the clean-up effort in the Gulf. It’ll be a fun way to help out. There are a few things we’d like to tweak on this logo as well. Starting with the expression. He needs to be as pissed-off as we are about what happened to his Gulf. I mean pissed. That’s why there will be an F added to the front of the BP name from this point forward. Great work Jason!

Last 4 tomorrow and then the production order on Friday.


28 thoughts on “Reject League Winners – Round 1

  1. Shout out to TJ on the shams..I hope yall do that the others shams logo thou! That cloudy S is hard!!!!!!!!!
    I cant wait till jeff C is finally in the mix at the clinkroom!
    Also I want to ad I love the fcking clinkroom u guys have really taught me alot about life! Shout out to casey & jsaon!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks to all for the support on the Shams. Im really proud to have made it through with so many great entries. The other 3 up here are also great choices as well. Im excited to see where they all go.
    Looking and realizing there are only 4 spots left has me concerned that I may not see some of my favorites make it through. Wow.

  3. Thanks to all for the props on the SewerGators. I’m just relieved to have finally made it to the finals. There are some easily apparent things that would make it more mysterious: a darker grey on the outline and manhole cover, more shading on the jaw and arm, etc.

    This is a good group here. I am anxious to see the next four. Way to go, Clinkers!

  4. Congratulations to the winners! I’m really diggin’ the Shams & Mudbugs.

    Clinkroom, Nice to donate proceeds to gulf clean up efforts!

    Again, great entries and great contest!

  5. Nice work everyone and congrats to the winners! I’m really looking forward to seeing where your minds are allowed to wander when designing those t’s.

  6. Loved the Sewer gators. Think can be tweaked to be even more epic. Bat doesnt really need to be there and maybe just gator tail, like he was going into the sewer.

    Being from NYC, much love.

  7. Awesome first start and awesome designs. I love the Shams, but I love LETTERED hats and I hope that some of the monogram designs show up:


    Letters B-C-S had 4 designs each
    Letter M had 3 designs each
    Letters A-K-V had 2 designs each
    Letters F-H-L-O-W had 1 design each

    Had some time to kill, so I just went into some analytics.

  8. These are awesome! Looking forward to seeing the other ones. I’m still anticipating the other Taco Shop league caps too.
    And I’m pulling for you, Chris. The majority of my votes went to Nautical themed caps (especially 130).

  9. Shams was my number one pick! Congratulations to everyone. I had a top 12 list and it was hard to get my ballot down to 5.

  10. Good looking out Icyuod, Col. and Aaron, thanks for the Sham love.

    Im looking at my top….20 lol. Yeah, I had a tough time picking em out. Now that Im looking at them all and if I was to guess as to what the Judges choose as the remaining four I would venture to guess: Octos, Milkers, Shockers and Steamers. (This hurts to say because I have a lot of love for the Cyclops, Tikis, and Bar Flys)

    Anyone else have a guess?

  11. No One Legged Wombats? Wow, thats a shock. Some of the teams in my opinion really do not capture the essence of being a “reject” team. Still congrats to the winners, although i feel as if the outcome should have been much better.

  12. Please don’t put an F before BP. I looooove that hat and I am in full time ministry. I don’t want to seem ultra spiritual but I would never be able to wear that hat in public. I work for churches full time. Again, I love that hat (I like the one with the bright yellow wayyyyy more) and would love to buy it.

    And I am not saying BP shouldn’t be held accountable, that should!

  13. for the butcher one I would be all about it if it were a baseball and had the cartoon bone in look…or if it were a home plate with a steak on it or a steak shaped as a home plate…..still a cool logo just don’t like basketball

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