Reject League Winners – Round 2

Last Round of winners! Congrats to all of you that won.

If you didn’t win, I’ll say it again, we are SO impressed by your entries. This decision was really tough. You guys are inspiring. Please keep the fire burning. We love having you apart of these competitions. There has been a big improvement from a lot of these first entries to your second and third. I know that if you keep at it, you’ll get one of your designs chosen. Practice makes perfect, right?

We’re going to start off with the picks from the un-official commissioner of the Rejects League Nai of Strictly Fitteds. He has drafted 2 teams into the League and we agree wholeheartedly.

Tom’s Las Vegas Pros

Nai had this to say about Tom’s entry…

“Great tongue-in-cheek play on the world’s oldest profession. My heart was set on Aaron Bird’s version of this logo, but we decided to vote for the family friendly version. Whatever your hustle this represents that 25/8 grind in a clean sportsman-like fashion.”

Efra’s Base Stealers

And Nai says this about Efra’s great character…

“Part grime time, part anime pop. The sneak thief character works full body or alone as a floating head. Being from Crooklyn this has a special place in my heart.”

Chris’s St. Lucifer Seahorses

We love the simplicity of this design and concept. It’s going to look beautiful in embroidery. Chris, I still want the pitchfork tail larger. We’ll figure that out together.

Justin’s Roadkill

A classic Minor League Baseball design with an undoubtedly Reject League twist. Blood tire marks a must for the final version of this guy. Great work Justin.

Again, thanks to everyone who voted. And BIG thanks to all of you who put in the hard work a creative energy to submit a design. Production order will be unveiled tomorrow! But we want you guys to weigh in on which design you’d like to see made first? Second? Third? Forth…You get the idea.

We also will be able to tell you guys what we’ve been up to on a few of these secret missions that we’ve been going on over the last month or so.

New contest to be unveiled early next week!


28 thoughts on “Reject League Winners – Round 2

  1. Well congrat’s to all. Have to say this was a fun contest and there were so many great designs submitted, I can’t wait for the next go around. Maybe I will have better luck. Congrats to Today’s winners, not what I was expecting asides from the “Roadkill”. Soon to be a classic hat in its own right. I’d like to see the Sham’s or Roadkill dropped first.

    Looking forward to seeing the new contest next week. See everyone then.

  2. Congrats to the winners. Again, there are so many I wanted to see come to life, and I think so many nailed the Reject theme and were really great marks. Obviously what is great to one, may not be as great to others but thats the way the ball bounces I guess.

    I’ll pour out a little liquor for teams like the Milkers, Shockers and Steamers – those were awesome.

    Great Job everyone. Were all getting better!

  3. Props to the winners today. The seahorse one is the standout of the group! And well deserving.

    But I do think you guys got a few wrong in this league.

    With no disrespect to the artist, I don’t know how the Las Vegas hat will sell. It looks like a gift shop rendition of a mainstream logo, something along the lines of a flipping Ralph Lauren Polo Sport logo into OMAHA NEBRASKA, or a I HEART FL (Florida) T-shirt.

    Even if it had a snarky psuedo message behind it, the design is a little off (to me).

    I also found the The Butchers design from Round 1 to be lacking, with respect to the quality of the other designs. I thought that the creativity of the design had to stand alone, the idea of one and done. But yet, to make this design work, you’re suggesting to add a meat cleaver to it and take the shield out, which would totally become a new design all together. On paper, as it was presented, something was missing.

    Those two designs just left me wondering.

    Okay done. My 2 cents, that’s why I don’t have a website that sponsors contests. I just complain on the internet.

  4. Sad that my hat didn’t make it into production, but the Clink Room has given me a place to go daily and check out new, fresh material. I’ve really become a better designer because of it and I’m glad I found the place. I’ve already made Leapin’ Lepers t-shirts anyway so it’s only a matter of time before I get a hat made as well. I did get pricing info from a local shop (I should probably find a better way to fill my spare time).

    Congratulations to all of the winners! Looking forward to seeing what’s next for the Clink Room!


  5. T.J. and Greg,

    Thanks for the comments on the Steamers, I actually thought my Cyclops had a better chance. Ironically, you guys were part of my 5 picks.

    Congrats to you T.J.! Greg, maybe we’ll get one eventually (if you haven’t already).


  6. Congrats to all the winners. I voted for 3 of these 4.

    Im flattered to have been included in this group of winners. I honestly thought the simplicity of the Seahorse wouldnt fit in with all of the other fully rendered entries (my Octos included).

    Should be interesting to see how big the pitchfork tail can get, while still flowing well with the curve of the tail. I had some issues with that when i revised it. Looking forward to working with you guys on that.

  7. Wow I am honored to be included in the Reject League winners. There were so so many great submissions for the league! Congrats to all the clinkers for really awesome work.

    Thanks to the Clink Room for such a great creative outlet. I look forward to what will be printed. My vote is for the Efra’s Base Stealers!

  8. I kind of expect the colorways of my Pros to change, as there are a lot of ways it can go. Thanks much to Nai for your kind words.

  9. Great submissions everybody…a few “SHOCKERS” didn’t make it.
    My fav from the beginning has been and still is the MUDBUGS. Great illustration and awesome concept, perfect timing! Definitely think they should get the first drop!

  10. FBP Mudbugs needs to be made first. The situation in the Gulf has been devastating and is only getting worse. It’s a great social commentary piece, and with the proceeds going to charity, it’s a great cause too. I work for a non-profit that will be heavily involved in the cleanup effort and would LOVE to have one of those puppies!

  11. WOW! Congrats to all the winners in this round!
    Thanks to Casey and Jason, and a special thanks to Nai, i’m really flattered my design was chosen by him. The clinkroom rules! and thanks for the vote Justin!

  12. Congrat’s to all of the winner’s. I’m disappointed my Bloodsuckers cap wasn’t selected, but thats the way it goes sometimes. Its all right I get my cap made from the hat company I work for. Good luck to everyone on the next contest.

  13. Awesome contest. You guys had a lot of great concepts and ideas flowing.

    I have to agree with Daze Confuse however. I think looking back at the winners, the Pros and Butchers were not good choices for this league. Nothing personal against the artists but the Pros just doesnt have enough going for it to warrant it being chosen over some of the other creative and interesting entries. Its little more than script and isnt nearly as clever, eye catching or compelling as some of the others. I could see if this were for a streetwear themed contest, but not for designing for a team.
    And I agree that the butchers seems like it wasnt chosen on its own merits, its going to have to be changed drastically by the Plan B professionals in order to get it into winning form. I think looking at the lot of entries, I could take a host of other designs that would benefit immensely from the same treatment.

    Regardless, I give all the designers a lot of credit and give the Clink Room a big hand. It was an entertaining contest to keep an eye on!

  14. Shout out to my man Derek who was again stonewalled! Listen man, eventually youre gonna break through because you bring heat – and when you make it I’ll be first in line to cop one (even if it is purple lol)

    Also Greg gets my vote for best name. Everytime I think of the Jive Turkeys I start cracking up………..

    ….Jive Turkeys lol

  15. Impressive designs by all! Props to the winners!
    I like the Base Stealers out of these 4, but overall, it has to be the MUDBUGS!
    With or without the f, it is the best of the 8!

  16. Ryan,
    You’ll have to post pictures of your bloodsuckers cap once it’s made. That design deserves to be sported. I have other designs I’d love to make myself as one-offs and always wondered how that was set up. Needlepoint probably not the best option for me.

    Your work kept getting better. In truth I was a fan of your sock puppet ninjas, but that is based solely on it’s silliness factor. I like how you wear your designs as shirts, etc. I do that, too. I’m wearing a concept Redskins shirt of my own right now, actually.

  17. Missed out on voting but some of my picks made the grade anyway.

    Some awesome designs did miss out – but that was always going to happen with the number of great entries. Would have loved to make the grade with my Roid Rage or Mole Rats but still happy that the contest inspired my creative juices and got me designing stuff.

    Now I’ve got to narrow these down to the number of caps I can afford to get!

  18. Well, three of my five votes will go into production. That’s not so bad. I expect I’ll own a seahorse cap one day soon.

    Regarding the Butchers design, that logo went through so many creative iterations that I think he proved himself to be someone Clink Room can work with to make an excellent cap. This may have been included for the designer’s merits more than the design’s. I look forward to seeing the end result.

    Can’t say I’m surprised my Bedlam Bats (#17) didn’t make it through, but that was a lot of fun to try. I’ll practice a bit more while waiting for the next round.

  19. Hey, I have an idea for the cap designs that didn’t get selected. Maybe we can still get them made. I work for a hat company in Texas and I was thinking of getting my cap design made there. Then I realized that i would like to see some of the other cap designs made. So what do you think! If you want to contact about this idea email at alright thanks.

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