Reject League – Production Order

Here’s the production order. I know it’s taking a long time to get everything made but trust that things will only get faster. We’re still tinkering with everything to get it just right. Then we’re off to races, trust. Again, congratulations everyone who won.

Mudbugs- This has to be first. I don’t think I need to explain why.

Base Stealers- Nai’s the commissioner and he told me he’d fine me if it wasn’t produced second.

Shams – Because what the World needs now is a kick-ass wolf is sheep’s clothing.


9 thoughts on “Reject League – Production Order

  1. T.J., …and congrats to you, too. Your design could very well use a number of names and get the same point across. Deceivers, Swindlers, Cons, Charlatans, etc. It’s all the same story told at a glance.

    I know they’ll try to get the M’Bugs out there quickly, and maybe a little press release should go out with it. That will support the cause and also get the word out about the hats Clink is selling.

  2. Thanks to all for supporting the MudBugs…I’m extremely excited for production!
    Let’s hope they raise some coin for the relief!!

    Great job to all…some pretty impressive designs.

  3. I have been so busy lately that I didn’t get my entry in, didn’t vote, and didn’t even see the winners until now. Great choices, and these first 3 you’re making are the cream of the crop(with the Roadkill hat). I know I’m getting a Shams hat, and would feel bad if I didn’t get a FBP Mudbugs hat as well. Sold. You bastards are taking all my dough. Great work to everyone involved, contributors, voters, Plan B, even the Commish.

  4. Thanks all, I hope we can certainly get more hats out from the TSL, SSL and the now the RL really soon. We got quite a backlog. Kudos to J&C for really going all out to get these leagues in order and such.

    I wonder if and how the colors on these will change at all. Will we really have two black hats coming right after each other or will they get tweaked color wise. I remember how J&C did with the TSL league hats, kinda showed us some samples and we voted on colors and such.
    I really want to see what goes on behind the scenes with elm and stuff to get these from concept to product – like each step and what kind of problems/issues crop up and how they get dealt with. Hook us up J&C, the knowledge is key!

  5. My concern with the name mudbugs is what exclusive rights does the Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs have to that name. www,

  6. Mike has an interesting observation, but I don’t know enough about trademark rules, etc. Well, the name could change if it had to and keep the art. Shrimp, Dirty Shrimp, or something else that means “pissed off animal”.

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