Catch Up

There are a few things that I’ve been wanting to post, but because of the Rejects League I haven’t had a chance. Kurt’s behind-the-scenes of his Chupacabras this week and the new contest! Promise.

I snapped these in Clearwater at the Threshers’ Wednesday happy hour. Can’t remember the guy’s name. Jeff can you help me out? Every year he gets his hat signed by the entire Threshers’ roster!

I love seeing the designs scuffed up and loved like this. Warms the heart. We should start a hat that goes around the World, you guys can all sign it, and we’ll keep it in Plan B.’s office as trophy of Clinkdom!


4 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Can’t wait for my Chupacabras cap to get here, should be at the doorstep today! The first thing i’m doing is upping to the Clinkroom flickr group! As far the hat around the world, that sounds like an epic idea.. You guys continue to amaze and inspire me, thanks for the direction!

  2. D.J. (David) pictured above is one of the Threshers’ superfans. He and his wife Vicki buy at least one jersey at every auction possible, and even in the dog days of summer can be found sitting down in the blazing sun (even at afternoon games) in their front row seats. They are some of the best fans in the park and part of the reason why going to the minor league games are so much fun.

    P.S. For some reason I have been unable to comment from my work account for the last several days. Don’t know if it is anothe I.E. glitch with the site or what. Not that I SHOULD be able to comment from work, but …

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