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Yeah, hat around the World is a fun idea. Lets brainstorm some idea about how it might work. Would you guys be willing to pay postage? Isn’t there something called geo-caching? What is that? Can we get the one hat signed by everyone who gets it along with a photograph to keep track of where it’s at? What will the end of the journey be? We should give something to each person that signs and photographs it! More ideas in the comments!

I got these a while ago from Kurt and I should have posted them sooner. Sorry about that, Kurt! Since our second Taco Shop League will be dropping next week, I thought it would be relevant. We asked Kurt to write a little summary as a behind the scenes look into his thinking during the creation of the Chupacabras. Here’s what he wrote…

“Let’s face it; sports team nicknames are almost all dried up. For every Tiger, I’ll spot you an Eagle, Bear, Cowboy and Wildcat. In recent years, some great names have emerged that actually has some ties to its community: Walla Walla Sweets, East Texas PumpJacks and Clearwater Threshers to name a few. But when you combine sports teams with infamous taco shop stands, you’re pretty much granted full creative license. My goal was to combine the two.

“For years, I have dreamed up “market-specific” nicknames for some of the towns I have lived in: St. Louis Archers, Chicago Hot Dogs and Tampa Bay Waves (although I would agree that there aren’t many waves in Tampa Bay). Two city-nickname combos have always been on my to-do list: Boise Ligers (thank you, Napoleon Dynamite) and El Paso Chupacabras. Seeing as I don’t believe there are too many taco shop stands in Boise, I decided to call my entry for the Taco Shop League after the mysterious and extremely-likely-to-be fictional chupacabra that is rumored to kill all types of animals in and around the greater El Paso metropolitan area.

“Since no one has ever seen a chupacabra before, I was not bound to a pre-conceived set of images for the logo, unlike say, when you design a bear. Working on a blank canvas allowed me to do whatever I wanted, and what I wanted was an image that looked one way in the sunlight and far more threatening at night…similar to the fare at taco stands in the Southwest.

“The story I submitted along with the original artwork says it all, and I am glad and very grateful Casey and Jason and everyone who voted for it liked it to. I wore it to my local farmer’s market yesterday, and had two vendors ask, “Where did you get that hat, and where can I buy one.” That, my friends, is a great sign.

“I’d love to hear what you guys hear when you wear it out in your towns, because although chupacabras have yet to be seen, I have a sneaky suspicion we’ll be seeing this image in many more markets in the coming weeks and months.”

This is great Kurt! Love the amount of thought that went into everything.

PS. New contest starts tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “Kurt’s Behind the Scenes

  1. I’m cool with handling the postage. Maybe have everyone that wants to do it send you their address in an e-mail and then you can put them all in list form and stick it in the box. One person gets the hat, signs, scratches their name off the list and sends it to the next person. And so on and so on!

    Kurt, awesome background story and I always love seeing those original sketches!

  2. Mailing a hat around is a bit like those Flat Stanley projects kids do. Hope noone decides to keep it because we’d have to send someone out to “collect”.

  3. I will pay postage as well. I guess the hat will have to be one size fits all lol. Perhaps we can throw a t shirt in the box too so people can sign both?

  4. I willing to be the enforcer seeing as how I’m 6′-2″ and weigh roughly 275..hahaha my friends all talk trash when I’m around and expect me to bail them out of trouble…
    I think if you establish the order of shipping with addresses it shouldn’t be hard to call someone out if they have not shipped the hat
    and it will be cool to track it as it goes
    require each that signs it to sign up with the address the order of sign up with establish the order of shipping etc….

  5. Great work Kurt! While I have always viewed your design as very good, it has really grown on me with time. Congrats on the hat!

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