Sticker Set Collaboration

We need a sticker set. Specifically 3 stickers. We have no idea what we want these to look like, but I’ll tell you what we do want.

• They should be fun.

• They should tell a story, provoke a response, or engage in some way. I think it would be fun if they had a specific purpose that they were created for. For instance they could be designed to go around a peep hole on a door or it could be designed to be customized, written, or colored on.

• They should embody the Clink aesthetic and what the Clink Room stands for. Collaboration, community, behind-the-scenes looks, design, creativity, cork, pencils, fitted hats, baseball, sketching, fun.

• We’ve given you a bunch of graphics to get you started. You can use as many or as few as you want. Of course we want you to use these as a jumping off point, these don’t represent a finished design. Go nuts if you want to with die-cuts, foils, fuzzy textures, scratch-and-sniff, do some research to find out what capabilities are out there. Or just stick (pun intended) to the traditional sticker.

Send your submissions to…

Clink Sticker Set Submission (

• IMPORTANT: The subject of your email must read “CLINK STICKERS” in order for your submission to be entered.

• AND use the template in the PDF!

What do you win? $100 in cash, $100 to spend in the Clink online store, and of course a boat load of the stickers you’ve designed.

Lets wrap up this collaboration in 2 weeks. Wha da ya say?


5 thoughts on “Sticker Set Collaboration

  1. So are we supposed to use the logo patches or are we completely free on the design? Can we use any shape for the stickers?

  2. I had already decided to sit out the next few contests based on my recent futility, but even if I wanted to I don’t think I would have any idea what to do here.

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