Built Before Your Very Eyes

Now that the contest is over. I want to reflect on where we’ve come to this point. I know that I’ve gushed about how great this experience has been for us. One thing that you guys haven’t seen is all the inner workings of how these things are made, proofed, etc. Like the great designs of this contest, the re-do and the tinkering is how this has been made.

We are going to continue to tinker with things. That’s how things get better, right?

Thanks again for grabbing a Chupacabra cap and tee. Lets convince the guys on the fence that they should go for it by submitting photos of you sporting the gear and your thoughts on the quality of the stuff.

Strasburg x Senators x Plan B.

Any baseball fan is going to be excited about Stephen Strasburg. But for our company Plan B. Branding, the incredible debut of Strasburg is really exciting. San Diego native, San Diego State alum, coached by our favorite player Tony Gwynn. And, his Minor League debut was in our uniform and logos that we designed, the Harrisburg Senators. Jason and I are just proud to be even a small part of his career.

*Forgot about Syracuse. Couldn’t find a photo of him in uniform though. Can someone find that for me?

Last Two!!

Last 2! How about that? I’ve got a good idea for our next competition. It’ll be fun, quick, and we’ll get to see the results sooner. It’s something that I’ve meant to do for Clink but haven’t had the time. So we’ll all take a crack at it.

Here goes nuttin’. Tom! Bingo. Just what I had in mind. Done. Very nice piece.

Marty! One of the more interesting designs. Really has that French sci-fi feel to it. Impressive. It would be fun to see zipper tracks that run down the crown of the hat. Great expression too. One n’ done. Thanks for making the last entry so easy.

Shooting Koala Mudbugs

Unless I get a bunch of reentries in the next 24 hours. I only got one more day of posts left. The end is near.

Jason! Big first entry. Jason sent in two versions I thought I’d post them both because I think they both have things I like in them and it might make for some nice discussion. The first pops in a way that they second doesn’t and I think I like the brown instead of the black. I know why you did the black, maybe it’s just depressing and that’s why I like the brown. Although all the animals are covered in brown oil so go figure. I also like the drips and the bat in the first one. A great character, full of personality and a great rendering style. I like that it has it’s origins in this event that we’re all in right now. But I’d want to make sure that it lives on past that. I vote for the first version in a different colorway maybe. What do you guys think?

Juce! Duce entries! I really like this Koala. I think it’s simplicity is amazing and it’s got a nice baseball reference subtilely built into it. Can anyone see what I’m seeing? Again, colorway should be changed up a bit, but a killer design none-the-less! Great job!

And number two. I like this as well. The all white treatment on a complicated logo like this is interesting. Don’t think I’ve ever seen something like that before. I think the gun is kinda cool but a scythe would be better. Don’t complicate a great story. Great job Juce!


If anything that you order from us doesn’t fit like you want it, we’ll get you out the correct size within a day or two of receiving your email telling us that you’d like to make an exchange. We want you guys to be 100% thrilled with your hat or tee. All fitteds vary in fit and we know that a great fit is important to you guys. It’s important to us too! We’ll help you guys get it right no matter what.

Yeti Blood Stripper Firebellies

Sorry this is late. Still playing catch-up from the weekend trip.

Stewart! I’ve mentioned before that I hoped for more strange mash-ups like this one. Great work. It seems like you referenced a gorilla for the body on this guy and that was a great call. A gorilla is basically a hunched over yeti and since the Yeti Crabs are hunched over, perfect. I think you should continue that reference though. Can you find an image of a big silver back charging at us. That would be great. I think you could also so a different way and really use that furry crab as a direction. What a great creature! Great start!

Ryan! Done. This is a juggernaut.

Aaron! I’m speechless. I don’t know if this is the greatest entry or the worst entry we’ve ever gotten for a hat. Lets go with greatest. I want to say that we could do is mono-chromatic and it might have the same effect, just cloaked a little. But then I think it would loose it’s dime store charm. What does everyone else think? Amazing Aaron.

Mike! Very cool creature you’ve conjured up here. Is anyone else sad that the space shuttle is outta commission? I loved the space shuttle. You space people better come up with something just as cool. Stop being so practical. Back to the Firebellies. I think you have a one n’ done here if you want. Maybe a little yellow thrown in there to help sell the breaking through the atmosphere story? Really great Mike!

Done, done, done, and done

Just got back for a 48 hour trip to California. A part of our continuing top secret mission. Hopefully more on that in a week or so. Wanted to get a fresh round of Rejects in before I hit the hat so East Coast Clinkers get their’s piping hot tomorrow morning. These entries made it easy! All great entries.

Dynamic Duo

I really think that the Chupacabras is an epic start to this whole experiment. Thanks again to everyone who bought one. If you haven’t picked yours up yet, go grab one!

Have a great weekend everyone! Votin next week!

PS. What should we do next? I’m hesitant to start a new League. Till we got at least the Skate Shop League up and running. Reopen the Taco Shop League? T-shirt contest?

Dirty Terrible Raging Blisters

Feels good to get back in a rhythm with the posts. Feels even better to see a light at the end of the tunnel and get to votin. Someone asked if you could submit an entry, now that the deadline has passed, of a secondary mark from an original entry. As long as it’s been submitted, even as a secondary, you should submit it as the main entry. No promises that it’ll get commented on, but it’ll definitely be voted on.

Chris! Dirty Birds! I think this is our second (or third) Dirty Bird name. Maybe not, I can’t remember. But each one has been so unique. This is a great take. Again those secondaries are really rubbing me the right way. That bird and it’s feathers is so strong. It would look beautiful in metallic black thread. Some raise parts, some not. Strip that oil derek away and you’ve got a home run. Vomiting blackbird. I’d sport a hat with that on it. Great entry!

Aaron! Love the name. And I’m really into how you go for the concept instead of the logo. I think that’s a great strategy. Your stuff always stands out because of it. I get that the real concept here is the teddy ears on a hat, but I’m kinda longing for a small Roosevelt nod. He was such a badass. I guess you could do a sleeve patch of a teddy bear sporting a Roosevelt stache. In his Rough Rider gear. It would be great. One n’ done. Great entry!

Jack! Badass! I was so into dinosaurs when I was a kid Jason will remember my 10th dinosaur themed birthday party. Stellar entry, great expression, composition, and rendering style. One’ n Done!

Alfie! Well you win the gross out reward for this League. Jeff is usually a lock for this, but you’ve upset the over-under with this entry. I mean body parts turned into letters is gross enough, then you added a bright-ass-red blister to it. Bold. I think that the idea could work but, as with all logos, even if your name was the Little Ponies, some mystery goes a long way. Putting it in a sock could be a good start. You could do a foot print on a hat and have a blister raised thread, you know like a blister. Great start. The B-Listers is a great name too. What could you do with that?