One, Two, Three

We had some great ideas for this promotional items contest. Quickly, we realized that ideas were what this contest was about. So we’ve came up with three winners, all with killer ideas. Thanks to everyone who submitted their entries, it’s hard to leave great concepts on the cutting room floor. If you have a great idea at anytime for something to make Clink better, we’d love to hear it. We want to start a culture where you guys are helping to build Clink and are being rewarded for it.

For these three ideas, each winner gets $100 cash and $100 to spend in the Clink Store. Congrats to all the winners.

Stewart Knox’s cork coasters. We’re gunna need these for the physical Clink Room, so why wait? Beautiful presentation as well!

David Streeter’s scented concept. David’s idea was scratch and sniff stickers, but we want to do car air-fresheners. Not sure about the design shown here, but what we are sure about is that they will all have a mystery scent. Beer, cork, freshly cut grass, hot dog, peanuts, crayons. You know, Clink smells. Can’t wait for my car to smell like hot dogs.

And Gyula’s Clink Kong. Gyula had some great illustrations in the mix. But the Clink Kong concept on it’s own is the real winner. On Tuesday we start the next contest, create a character/logo for Clink’s new mascot, Clink Kong!

Watch for cork coasters and car fresheners stuffed in with a future order. We’re going to do stickers as well, straight up Clink logos. Clink tees drop on Monday!


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