Clink Kong Collaboration

Starting a new collaboration contest today! Create a hat logo for Clink’s new mascot, Clink Kong. The more clever and original the better. This is Clink’s new mascot, think about icons, stories, and design elements that help tell the Clink story. Don’t plagiarize exsiting designs or characters. Design just a cap mark. Maybe a couple supporting marks would better sell the idea to other Clinkers, but it’s not necessary.

If you’ve done this before, it’s pretty much the same drill. Use the new entry form though.

This is what you’ll get if your design is picked…

• You’ll have your cap produced.
• You’ll receive 5 caps for you and your friends.
• And, for every product that we produce with your design on it, you’ll receive 5% royalty of the net retail revenue! When we reorder, boom another 5%. (For 144 hats that’s around $250, for 72 hats thats around $125)

Here are some design tips that we recommend…

• Keep it simple, it has to be stitched small on a cap. Hint: Jason uses thick stroke weights!
• Use icons, it doesn’t have to be a full body of a bear to know it’s the bears.
• Limit yourself to 6 colors max. No gradients.
• Keep it completely original. No use of existing trademarks.

IMPORTANT: Email all entries to the subject must read “CLINK KONG“.

(You might have noticed that winners will receive 5 hats of their design instead of the original 10. I can’t go into further detail now. I’m chompin’ at the bit to tell you guys what we’ve got cooking. I’m told I’ll know more by the end of the week. It’ll be an equivalent deal to the last times around, promise.)

Enough, lets get to work! Good Luck!


6 thoughts on “Clink Kong Collaboration

  1. This could be tough. Its a relatively narrow contest in terms of subject matter. Its going to be tough to stand out in the crowd! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Hopefully I can come up with something. It will be hard to top the original Clink Kong concepts that have already been shown.

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