Summer 2010 – State of the Room

A lot has happened behind-the-scenes over the last month or so. We thought we’d give you guys an update on everything…State of the Room style.

• Our t-shirt experiment has been great so far! Thanks to everyone who grabbed one.

• We’ve released 3 tees as of today, and we’ve used 3 different manufacturers for each. They’ve all offered great quality.

• With this most recent Clink branded tee we’ve finally landed on a manufacturer that will produce all our tees into the future. The quality is great, the tees are organic, and the manufacturer is licensed by Major and Minor League Baseball. This means we’ll now offer tees featuring designs of our teams from around the country (along side your designs!) and they’ll all have the same markings, cut, fit, etc.

• We’d love to hear what you think of these new Clink tees. How do they fit? How is the sizing? Would anyone want a XXXL?

For the Chupacbras and the Pollos Terrible, we collaborated with Elm Company to produce the hats. The response has been incredible and Elm Company has made a great hat. All the bells and whistles that we’ve added made the hats iconic and fun.

However, there have been some things that have not worked for you guys…

• We haven’t been able to offer size 8s.

• The fit has confused some (in comparison with the New Era fit). After all, New Era’s fit is the one that everyone has become accustom to.

• All of our other hat offerings (Official-Onfield and the Editions) are made by New Era and using a different manufacturer is confusing, since we’re the guys that design official-onfield hats for Major and Minor League Baseball. This feedback has been the loudest.

All that being said, Elm Company is a great manufacturer. If you guys are thinking of starting your own brand we highly recommend them.

From here on out, New Era will be producing all our hats starting with Kevin’s Taco Bulls, and continuing onto Josh’s Wallbats, Bill’s Chicklets, and on and on. We’re glad to be working with New Era, they make an incredible product, and it’ll be fun to see what they do with the designs.

Partnering with New Era means a few things are changing with the collaborations:

• The best news is everyone’s hat will be ordered and produced twice as fast as before! We plan on having all the hats ordered in the next few months. This includes all 16 designs from both the Skate Shop League and Rejects League.

• We will initially start each design out with 72 hats instead of 144. This means that instead of a $250 royalty for the first order, you’ll be receiving an initial $125 royalty. This also means that you’ll receive 5 hats instead of the original 10.

• If your hat sells like dynamite, then of course we’ll reorder in a new colorway. And you’ll receive another $125 royalty and an additional 5 hats – just like you’d receive your 5% net retail sales royalty on any product that features your design.

• New Era’s lower 72 piece minimum for these designs means we can get products available in the online store faster. As we grow, we’ll increase the numbers of the initial orders. But for now, 72 initial pieces will keep the gears grinding as quickly as possible. This means more sell-outs, more collaborations, and more designers!

• Our goal is to drop a product every Monday by mid-next year. We’re on track to accomplish that. And the lower 72 piece initial order allows us to do that.

• We’ll be able to offer size 8s! Jason and I hate to have left those size-8ers out of the last 2 drops. Kills us. But we’re back with size 8s on the drops from here on out. Even a custom ordered size 8 1/2!

• The collaboration hats are going to look a little different as well. Crossed pencil-C logo on the back, green under-visor, and the trademark pencil over the ear on all collaboration hats.

• And of course we will be offering the quality and fit that New Era has become famous for.

If you guys have any questions, please ask them in the comments and we’ll respond in tomorrow’s post. Get it, get it!


21 thoughts on “Summer 2010 – State of the Room

  1. While I am not big in to the fitted scene for my own personal look, I know enough to know that New Era is the cream of the crop, and I am honored and excited to be the first Clinker to have his hat as a New Era. Hopefully everyone will love it!

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Clink hat mock pictured above turn into an actual hat we could purchase in the online store. Maybe a Clinkroom Hat series, similar to the shirts???

  3. Number all the caps
    Maybe the designers name on the pencil on the cap
    Diff underbills…U guy are following the green underbill trend! Create your own trend!
    just a few ides #LETSWIN!

  4. If you’re going to get all the hats ordered over the next few months, then I have some work to do getting any updates incorporated. Pass ’em on.

    Is the plan to release all 8 Skateshop hats before the Rejects drop? Or is it 3, 3, then mix it up?

    I think 72 hats has got to be more manageable from a sales/inventory perspective. Glad that deal worked out.

  5. Like Erik said, I think the black Clink hat should be produced! I’d wear that in a heartbeat! Glad to see New Era come on board. The Elm hats were nice, but New Era is the best in the business!

  6. This is all freaking awesome news. Glad you guys worked it out with New Era, too bad for the Chupas and Pollos though. I think the best aspect is the accelerated time frame for releases, I’m excited to see all of them in the flesh! The fact that we will be seeing ALL the winners in each league is EPIC.
    I’m kinda with Slay on the green underbill, I would rather see the underbills league or even team specific when it comes to the underbill if possible. Keep innovating just like the cork. I would love to see maybe each designers name somewhere in or on the hat, maybe a tag inside? That would be quite an honor.
    I’m gonna have some ‘splainin to do cause I promised 10 hats to friends, I’ll have to raffle them off now lol
    Much thanks to Jason and Casey for doing what they do best – makin big things happen!

  7. Yeah maybe on the name tag it could have the team name with the designers name underneath or something – perhaps designers signature or something. That would be really nice.

    I dunno, I liked the idea of grip tape for the SSL because it was so unique. When the Threshers hat with the cork gets sported, the first thing people go nuts about is the underbill. I think to do that with each league would be monster. – if its not cost prohibitive of course.
    Anyone have a cool underbill idea for the Reject league? Also with the new era logo now in effect, are the league logos out?

  8. Did I just read New Era?!?!? I bought both TS hats and although I love them both, they don’t feel the same or fit the same so rock on!

    Good job Guys. I can’t wait to see the NE logo in my hat.

  9. Stoked on all my gear. Two hats already stolen by friends.

    I think a Black Clink Hat would look good on my head so I would buy one.

    Oh yeah, I bought the T-shirt, All 3.

  10. Wow! This is great news!!! New Era is the standard, I’m so happy my Base Satealers wil be done in new era. I agree with Chris the green underbill is cool with me, I’ve always like them, and the designers name somewhere on the cap would be great too. Thanks Casey and Jason, u guys rule!

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