State of the Room – Q & A

We thought you’d like that. Glad everyone’s excited. Lets address some of your comments.

We think it’s a classic touch. It reminds Jason and I of our childhood, going to the Padres games in our bean and cheese “SD” New Eras, girls in bikinis, flip-flops, and barbecuing in Jack Murphy’s parking lot.

Part of what will make this whole thing work will be that we come to some kind of standard “canvas” to put your designs on. The more we customize each hat, the more set-up and approvals we have to go through. If we’re going to get as many designs made as we can, as fast as we can, the more systematic we have to make it.

That being said, we can discuss the standard elements. This is the standard as we have it now. Clink logo on the back, green under-visor, and pencil over the ear. You might have noticed that we’ve eliminated the Taco Shop, Skate Shop, and Reject League logos. We want people to see these hats and know what brand they’re apart of.

What we can discuss is the green under-visor, could be black? We can also go with the pencil over the ear or eliminate it? Slowly, as we grow our order numbers, we’ll be adding tags, maybe a print under the bill. But for now those are our elements we can choose from. Tell us what you think in the comments.

We were thinking about mixing it up, a few Skate Shop League hats here, a few Reject League hats there. What do you guys think?

Because we were in limbo there for a while about New Era producing the hats, we’ll have a few months delay on the next Collaboration drop. We’ll have some other hats in the meantime. But Kevin’s Taco Bull’s, the last Taco Shop hat, will probably be 3-4 months out. From then on, we’ll be at a steady pace, promise.

Some of you suggested that we should order the hat with “Clink” big on the front. One step ahead of you.

Thanks again to everyone who picked up a Clink Patch Logo tee. We’ve said it before, all revenue is put back into Clink. We started this whole thing with a small investment from Daddy Plan B. And so far it’s completely self-sustaining thanks to the enthusiasm and purchases from you. Have we told you that we love you lately?


15 thoughts on “State of the Room – Q & A

  1. Oh no, a couple more months out? Oh well, no big deal. I’m excited to see the final product, but “being in the industry”, I certainly understand how timelines on these things work. The important thing is that the product is good. Green bills are ok—a bit old school. If you used the clink room blue (from the pencil) as an underbill color that would be cool for branding, but might clash too much with designs. Maybe a charcoal gray? I dunno. I’ll let the hat enthusiasts figure this one out!

  2. I think the green undervisor is cool reminds me of the old MLB hats. I think simplifying the hat colors is a good idea.

  3. Ouch, 3-4 months for another collabo drop…that’s unfortunate but I’m sure it will be worth the wait. Gonna be tough to wait till Thanksgivin but it’s encouraging to know that after that the pace of drops will be considerably faster. I just hope that j&c will still have time to make those “commercials” for each hat like they did with the first two drops, those were sick.

    As for the green bill, I’m cool with em especially if we all agree on it I got no beef. And while I would agree that it’s old school, I don’t know that these collabos represent anything old, actually I would argue that what Clink has done is something completely new and fresh with these contests, drops, designs and collabos and I think it would be better of with something more reflective of that innovation. I always found green to be distracting On the underbill, like Kevin, I think neural grey looks better but I would like to see something more unique to th clink room, like a design element on the underbill, similar to the first two drops had the print.
    The pencil is awesome, and this is very clink and it will be an element that all our hats can share sort of like a brotherhood.
    I think tags are major too, after hearing the explanation about how we have to keep things more simple and uniform to streamline and speed the process, I guess nametags might be ruled out though I would love to see it. What kind of tags? Just a clink tag rather than a league specific tag? I would really like to see a tag on the collabos that differentiate them from the official clink releases.

    As for release order, I say mix em up, some skate and some reject- get every league up and moving together and then there will be three leagues going at the same time.

    I would just like to re-iterate how fantastic this site is.

  4. I am ok with green underbills, but I like the grey ones better. They never clash.

    I have mixed feelings about the pencil. Would it be better if it was smaller? Does it matter, because it’s a signature of Clink Room hats? (you know, that branding thing)

    In regards to the big delay up front I feel bad for the Mudbugs/Oilbugs/Oil spill hat where the profits go to the cleanup. That one needs to get out there real soon.

  5. A couple of my own personal opinions:

    1.) Keep the green underbill.

    2.) Lose the pencil. The Clink logo is already on the back, so i feel the branding is covered.

    3.) If the pencil stays, id like to see it tonal and subtle. Also, maybe flat embroidery, instead of raised. I think my thing with the pencil is that i feel it’d be distracting and take away from the logos everyone worked so hard on. And i realize i may be alone on this point, but i think it’d be nice if these hats looked as much like on-field hats as possible.

    4.) Im still in favor of custom tags, but i completely understand the reasoning behind keeping things streamlined.

    5.) Im all for mixing up the order of releases. But if that happens i think it’d be nice to have a set schedule (or at least a set order) so that the winners know when to expect to see their hats make it into production.

    6.) This news has really gotten me “re-excited” about the Clink Room. Great job fellas.

  6. Each cap should have diff underbill…Way to many brands are doing the green underbill shit.Not that it doesnt look good but u guys have a opportunity to set a fresh new trend with something unique..just sum food for thought! I have no idea why u would remove the league logos from the caps why create a new league and remove the logo? That takes away flash from the caps if u ask me…The league logos are apart of “the story” ..Thats a major part of the caps! ..I dont think the pencils are needed at all save that for the editions drops!..And news flash Iam the one who mentioned that clinkroom fitted raised and embroidered to fullest!..Wallbats is gonna be a monumental release! I predict the first 72 caps are gonna sell out in a day! Its worth the wait

  7. I am all for the green under bill ala the classic MLB hats from childhood. As well as each hat having the same standard set of Clink Room features. Which goes for a MLB or a MILB hat, when you see the makings you know instantly if its a MLB or MILB hat and Clink should be the same way.

    I agree with Warfare Chris that a custom tag inside each hat would be a great touch. As well as mixing up the drop order. It will be great to see all these hats dropping in a steady manner once things get rolling. I also can’t wait for the Clink script hat to drop, those are going to go quick.

    Lastly just have to say its nice to see you guys re-investing and growing the brand and striving to use the best distributors possible. Especially in this day and age. When profit out weigh quality. I’m all for the Clink, you guys do it proper. Keep on clinkin’!

  8. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. We’ll never all agree on the entirely correct way to do this, but I appreciate that J&C are at least willing to listen. That being said my opinion is I LOVE THE UNIQUE LEAGUE LOGOS! Lose the pencil (keep that for the editions) move the Clink logo to the side where the pencil was and keep the League Specific logo on the back.

    Wait, is that one opinion, or three opinions?

  9. Hm, I love the pencil but now the more I think about it, I did love the league logos too…I think perhaps it would be better to replace the pencil with the clink logo and have the league logo on the back.

    How about taking Chris idea of a tonal pencil and applying it to the Clink logo? Make it tonal so that its not overdone with the three logos on there.

    Gotta agree with Slay on the green, It seems to be the trend right now, keep innovating. I know we can brainstorm on something cooler than green, perhaps a print or something…

  10. I think it would look cool to have just the script logo of clink on the side above the ear….then have the clink logo on the back
    save the pencil for the phase/concept hats
    b/c it truly is a concept and the hat represents the concept.
    where as the league represents the teams official “on field hat” b/c they won the contest
    I love the taco shop logo don’t love the reject logo if they were all like the MLB style logo I would say its a need on the hat but im ok with the C and pencil logo on the back

  11. Maybe we need to design logos for each league as a contest…Majority vote wins,
    make each league have a hat style/ template….
    the 6 or 8 winners pick the markings on each corner
    if the taco shop winners want sombrero dude, pencil, and green under bill then that’s what it should be…..
    if the skate league wants the Clink c with crossing pencils, on back and nothing on side but new era and want pink under bill then that works…
    I think where the problem comes in is having each new logo digitized so that the embroidery machine can make it..if that is taken care of by the time the contest is wrapped up then it would not slow the entire process down….
    or if there were 4 or 5 markings to choose from that have been digitized…. pencil logo, pencil crossed with c, clink script, league logo…etc
    that way its more a plug and play

  12. From a speed and feasibility standpoint, I think the guys are letting us know that the more individual changes made to each hate, the more difficult it is to put out. As we spend more, they’ll be able to afford to do more with the orders and its going to take time and support.

    I do agree on the underbill and the trendiness of it :/ However, if that’s the vision you guys have, go for it! You won’t lose customers b/c the underbill is green. The cork underbill from the Threshers Phase IV was dope, the printed green on the Taco Shop League hats was cool as well.. My preference is for anything that will separate Clink hats from the 928374 other branded New Era collabs out there.

    KEEP THE PENCIL!!!! Maybe use cork for the special editions to keep some exclusivity along with the tagging used in the Threshers cap? The pencil is a mustttt keep though IMHO..

    The Clink Script and C with pencils logos work fine, and I do agree with the whole each league getting something a LITTLE bit different, but completely understand that you guys want to crank out releases.. This is something every customer can appreciate…

    Looking forward to participating in my first contest during the next league!

  13. I like the pencil on the phase hats but I also think it would detract from the “on field” feel of the leagues. I have no problem with the clink logo on the back either but again I loved how the league logos really made it legit. As for under the bills, I’m still dreaming of the grip tape for the skate league.

  14. My two-cents…

    1) Go with a more neutral color than the green for the underside of the cap bills. The green underbills say “OLD School”, while what the Clink Room is doing is creating a “Brave NEW World” of design. I’d say go with a Gray.

    2) Save the pencil graphic for the edition drops. If you’re going with the “C-and-Crossed-Pencils” logo on the back of every cap, that in and of itself says “Clink Room”. IMHO, the pencil element is overkill at that point and distracts from the logo on the front of the cap.

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