Great Discussion

Great discussion, Jason and I’ll stew on it over the weekend. 3 things…

We want you to be 100% thrilled with the fit of all products the you buy on Clink. As long as it’s the same product, and we have the size in stock, we’ll ship you the right size at no additional charge as soon as we receive your wrong sized product. We know that buying online can be freaky when it comes to size, not anymore.

Jason and I talked, we think the original description was confusing. Buy the size you wear in Beefy T, we think the shoulders are cut similar to A.A. with the fabric being a little softer than Beefy but thicker than A.A. In any case, the 100% FIT goes for the hats as well so a new logo is needed.

Oh, and to help you out, we think these new tees are sized like Hanes Beefy-T and are cut like American Apparel.

Just ordered the car air fresheners. What do you think of our new “Pray for inspiration” design? Tees and fitteds need to be made with this design.

Got 3 Clink Kong entries already. They’re lookin’ great. First Clink Kong crits on Monday.


6 thoughts on “Great Discussion

  1. Totally agree with T.J.! Kind of out of the ordinary for you guys, designwise, but it is incredible. I definitely need at least one shirt with this on it. Just started printing my own shirts, so I’d rather not buy shirts from elsewhere, but this design breaks down that wall. Excellent.

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