Zoltan The Almighty

Two ideas from Zoltan, who I think submitted a design or two to the Rejects League, and I think I commented on how amazing his name is then and I’ll do it again. Your name is amazing. And these concepts are amazing. The best being the pencil stabbed into whatever we deem stab-able. That could be my favorite straight up sticker idea so far.

Marine Corp Art Department

Check out this slide show documenting the Marine Corp art department. I love that the military continues programs like this. Did you know Walt Disney was in the “Art Corp” during World War II? I would have loved to paint fighter planes with tigers and pin-up girls during World War II.

The little sketch in this photo is brilliant.

Tom and Nathan’s Stickers

Two very different takes. Tom nicely summarizes the Clink experience.

And Nathan, despite his computer being on the fritz, submits these great sketches. The renderings are great. These might look good all in one composition. Nathan get these competitions, they’re about ideas first and foremost. We can worry about execution later.

We’re going to wrap up this part of the contest by the end of the week. Then I want to get the next phase started right away, Clink Mascot contest.

Jared’s Take

Jared submits these two great ideas for stickers. Using the Clink logos is a great idea for stickers. I love how you made a whole family of stuff. Great work.

But the real deal are these maps that Jared made. Inspired by maps Nike made a few years back. We’re huge fans of these style maps.

Click the image to get a bigger view….

Jason and I drool over the potential of an idea like this. Really great Jared. Everyone go check out Jared’s site. Glad to have you apart of Clink!

2010 Triple A All-Star Game

Did anyone catch the Triple-A All-Star Game yesterday? International League vs. Pacific Coast League. We designed the logos and uniforms for it. I thought for a long word like “International” the uniforms came out pretty good. Here’s a look at a few of the other designs. The star is inspired by the Monrovian star. Monrovian heritage is big in that part of Pennsylvania.

If you have the chance to go to Coca-Cola Park in Lehigh Valley, home to the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, go and get the pulled pork nachos. Say word.

Stickers-n-Note Books

First, a great idea from Joe. A notebook covered in Clink’s signature cork. Very cool, I want one.

Then we have three offerings from Stewart all of which have something great to offer. I love the beer bottle as the “i” in Clink at the bottom left.

The pushpin mascot is right up my Clink Kong alley. Maybe we need to turn this sticker collaboration into a Clink Mascot contest next?

And finally the beer label. Which we love. Eventually we’d like to get custom shipping boxes that look like beer cases. And someday, when we have our first brick-and-mortar Clink Room we want a full working bar with custom taps and all the trimmings. We made a promise to ourselves that we’d really take our time with Clink, slowly building it grass rootsy-like. But when I see stuff like this it stirs up my impatience.

Lets wrap this sticker contest up in the next few weeks so that we can get on with the Clink Mascot contest, right?