Introducing the Doorbell Drop

Jason and I travel for Plan B., a lot. We call it going on-location. Last week as we were getting ready for a trip and we got to thinking. It would be cool to do something for Clinkers on these trips. After all, we’ve shipped hats and tees to most corners of the globe. We’re bound to be in the neighborhood of one of you guys when we go on-location.

So as a new way to say thanks, one lucky Clinker who’s picked up something from us in the store will receive a “thank you” package hand delivered by us. Our first victim is Troy. Troy picked up a Pollos Terrible tee a month back. Now he’s got Clink tees growing on trees. Stay tuned for our next Doorbell Drop! Maybe your doorbell will be the one to get rung.

Clink Kong Rd. 20

Two newbies today!

Kyler! This is a great design. Solid character, full of expression. Colors are great, that pencil is great. Great, great, and more great. On-n-done. Jump on it.

Nicholas! The composition and concept is all solid. I think his proportions need some tweaking. He looks like a dude in a gorilla suit rather than a gorilla. It’s a difficult distinction to render. Also, make the arm all black. The grey in there makes him look like he’s got a bald spot. I really think this could be solid if you tweak those things. Great start!

Clink Kong Rd. 19

Two newbies to the Clink universe, welcome!

Spencer! Another great rendering of this character. Everyone of these guys has it’s own flavor but still hold to some basic notes. I’m amazed by that. This guy’s like a Muppet version which gets it big points and going giant with the pencil has somehow made him seem bigger. The ring is a great idea, evokes secret passwords and the secret entrances to the Clink Room of my dreams. The only thing I’d change is the eyes, get them looking at us and your set. Great work!

Victor! I think that the character head with the crown on it’s own is good enough right? No need for the pencil banana. For being kinda a simple design he’s full of character, not an easy thing to do. Wanna get brash? Delete the mouth all together. Take the silhouette route. I think you have a strong enough profile for it to stand on it’s own without it. I’d make the crown a black silhouette as well. It’ll be really iconic. Great work!

Clink Kong Rd. 18

Shawn! This reminds me of all-nighters, feeling like I’m sketching the same damn logo over and over again, strung-out on coffee, with a morning deadline looming. We don’t do many more of those anymore, I think I’ve learned to not procrastinate or something. Oh yeah, Shawn’s awesome design. Epic rendering, expression, concept. One-n-done!

Gyula! The creator of Kong himself submits this great new design. I’m really diggin your style, we should all hope to have such a distinct take on our work. The colors are unique too. This version is much more gorilla-ish. I feel like we could go to Cartoon Network and pitch a show with this character in-tow. Great work. Another one-n-done!

Clink Kong Rd. 17

Kai! Kong contemplating how great this revision is. Great work!

Mike! Another great revision. You’re the first to solve the shattering pencil vs. breaking and falling out of the mouth pencil. With this version you can really hear the snapping and cracking of that pencil. Next up, the cure for cancer.

Zoltan! I love these different takes on what this logo could be. I think the “C” is iconic and unique. I really like the black and white colorway. The only things I’d change, show a little of the pencil coming out the bottom and hint at a thumb at the top of the hand. Great thinking Zoltan!

Clink Kong Rd. 16

Bryan! Great revision. Bryan sent in a bunch of options, with chain, without chain, different types of chains. While the one we’ve posted here is my favorite, I’d like to see one without the chain, with this head, then add eyes. I think looking at Kurt’s Chupacabra design would be helpful. Those simple dot eyes really work for that design and I think that they’d work well for this one. Great work though!

T.J.! Great revision, done and done.

And a newbie from T.J. another great interpretation of the Kong character. Love that pencil, the smirk, and the “C” worked in there. One-and-done! Talent!