Clink Kong Rd. 16

Bryan! Great revision. Bryan sent in a bunch of options, with chain, without chain, different types of chains. While the one we’ve posted here is my favorite, I’d like to see one without the chain, with this head, then add eyes. I think looking at Kurt’s Chupacabra design would be helpful. Those simple dot eyes really work for that design and I think that they’d work well for this one. Great work though!

T.J.! Great revision, done and done.

And a newbie from T.J. another great interpretation of the Kong character. Love that pencil, the smirk, and the “C” worked in there. One-and-done! Talent!


6 thoughts on “Clink Kong Rd. 16

  1. Bryan: I agree with Casey that you need some eyes, but I really like the simplicity of design otherwise. Clean and crisp. Maybe somehow work in another Clink element. (Don’t know how important that will be since a lot of designs do not have an “official” Clink Room element in them, but it was part of the original instructions.)

    TJ: Really like the redo. Not so tall and a lot better looking on the hat. Both of these are home runs for you (as usual). Great job.

  2. Not only does TJ’s #2 Kong character have all that you noted Casey, but the sly mouth grin along with Kong tipping his cap give him a look that says, “yea, I’m great / I just produced something great, thanks for recognizing.” As a non-artist, it amazes me how many thoughts / actions / emotions can be created through simple and subtle features.

  3. TJ’s #2 is great….I like it better than the first design. There’s a lot of character that comes thru on the 2nd design.

  4. Thanks guys. I really tried to inject some real attitude and character to my second entry – Todd, you got what I was trying to get across for the most part with it. I think if its going to represent Plan B and the Clink Room it should be fun, playful and express that pride in what is done here, as well as all of our work and our community. It should represent each and every designer who has contributed and will be produced. I also think it was important to have a hat included in the design because thats what this site and community was built on for the most part.

    Yeah Jeff, that gravatar image lol, it could catch a non clinker off guard.

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