Clink Kong Rd. 19

Two newbies to the Clink universe, welcome!

Spencer! Another great rendering of this character. Everyone of these guys has it’s own flavor but still hold to some basic notes. I’m amazed by that. This guy’s like a Muppet version which gets it big points and going giant with the pencil has somehow made him seem bigger. The ring is a great idea, evokes secret passwords and the secret entrances to the Clink Room of my dreams. The only thing I’d change is the eyes, get them looking at us and your set. Great work!

Victor! I think that the character head with the crown on it’s own is good enough right? No need for the pencil banana. For being kinda a simple design he’s full of character, not an easy thing to do. Wanna get brash? Delete the mouth all together. Take the silhouette route. I think you have a strong enough profile for it to stand on it’s own without it. I’d make the crown a black silhouette as well. It’ll be really iconic. Great work!


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