Introducing the Doorbell Drop

Jason and I travel for Plan B., a lot. We call it going on-location. Last week as we were getting ready for a trip and we got to thinking. It would be cool to do something for Clinkers on these trips. After all, we’ve shipped hats and tees to most corners of the globe. We’re bound to be in the neighborhood of one of you guys when we go on-location.

So as a new way to say thanks, one lucky Clinker who’s picked up something from us in the store will receive a “thank you” package hand delivered by us. Our first victim is Troy. Troy picked up a Pollos Terrible tee a month back. Now he’s got Clink tees growing on trees. Stay tuned for our next Doorbell Drop! Maybe your doorbell will be the one to get rung.


7 thoughts on “Introducing the Doorbell Drop

  1. You guys are amazing! I can’t name another company that would do any of this for others. Truly remarkable. I just hope you guys don’t burn out on all of this awesomeness.

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