B.T.S. – Spokane “S” Options

Keeping our process organic means that we do a lot of Illustrator work that ends up on the cutting room floor. These “S” options are for the Spokane Chiefs, Single-A for the Rangers. Spokane has one of the coolest waterfalls that I’ve ever laid eyes on. These water “S”s are trying to capture that energy, but kinda fall short. Well, the bottom right option’s not bad. The “S” on the hat is the option that they ultimately went with. For some reason it was on the hat image when I went into the file and I thought it looked good. A good way to sell the idea, right? Why don’t we do that more.

Clink Kong Rd. 15

Two stellar entries today.

Efra! Of Base Stealers fame hit us with this gem. Love the concept, the simplicity, and the execution. One-and-done! Great work.

Quincy! This character is epic. I love this guy. Is the “C” supposed to be a thought bubble? If so, you need one more dot. If not, I say ditch it. Stick with that great head. Amazing stuff Quincy! Great job.

Clink Kong Rd. 14

We’ve got about 18 entries to post. Remember, no new entries but if this is the first time your piece is posted you can resubmit once more with your changes.

Martin! There are a lot of great things going on here. Kong’s expression, the shield shape of his head. But all these colors you’ve got in here are really throwing me off. I have a simple solution, all the brown (in the head and the pencil) delete it. and you’re done. I think that’s all you need to do. It would get rid of one of the colors and simplify the design in a great way. Simple is always best! Great work!

Chris! Love this character and his expression. The pencil behind the ear is a great touch. I prefer the King with the “C” behind it. It pops. One-n-done! Haven’t been too many of those this collaboration. You should be proud, great work!

Stockton Ports/Athletics Mash-Up

This is a design that we did for the Triple-A affilite of the Oakland Athletics, the Stockton Ports. Not sure which one of the designs that they use now, but I know we did about 10 mash-up options for them. This one’s my favorite.

Also, check this amazing photo by Corn Belt Baseball’s Tom. Read the story of this photo herehere…

Kick this weekend’s ass everyone!

Clink Kong Rd. 13

Jeffe!I really like this guy. Ton of character in that, um, character and the #1 finger is an awesome idea. We need to get foam pencil heads kinda like grassy gang right? What I think is missing is a commitment to what he stands for. He looks like he’s confused, which is fine if that’s what your going for. But there’s nothing else in this logo that tells me why he should be confused. The easy answer is to go angry/determined/cocky, maybe you could come up with another expression to capture his mood. Inspired? He is cheering with a foam finger so maybe a hooting expression would make the most sense. He is a Monkey, right? Great colorway. Lets see you push this thing!

Eric! This is a great redo. Done and done. A lot of badassery going on with this guy. I can’t tell you who told me this (future collaboration) but everyone likes a good skull and crossbones. And I think they’re right.

Clink Kong Rd.12

Today is Glenn Jackson day!

Glenn! Both of these are looking sharp, perfect for embroidery. Simple illustration style, great use of shadows to simplify. For the king of diamonds option, I think ditching the “CK” and the diamond would be a good idea. He’s got enough character all on his own even if the King of Diamonds is a great play on our baseball associations.

The pencil pushers, you might have just coined our second character in the Clink universe. Or at least if we had a team we’d be called the Clink Pencil Pushers. Big props for making that connection. This is a contender of the first degree. Great work Action!

Tomorrow is the last day to submit you entry. I probably have another 20 entries to post and comment on after that and then we’ll vote!

Iron Pigs Ad

The first time we saw teams advertising our designs in publications other than gameday publications was the Casper Ghosts. We had heard that the Iron Pigs were advertising their stuff but had never seen one of those ads. This ad came from the Under Armor All American Game at Wrigley. Pretty cool!
Thanks Jared!

Clink Kong Rd. 11

What a great debate on mascot vs. logo! I think that they’re interchangeable and should be interchanged regularly. Blur the line everyone, blur the damn line.

C.J.! That hand has really grown on me. Strong contender. The head without the pencil is great too. Very iconic. I think that either of those would work great. The pencil in the mouth has that falling out rather than breaking problem that some of the others have had. Maybe try with an unbroken pencil? That hand though!

Jacob! Really like this. I say no pencil “C” and can we see the eyes looking at us more. I’ve said it before, the character needs to engage the viewer. I really like the rendering style. Great work.